Adjectives for Nirvana

Adjectives For Nirvana

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing nirvana, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring adjectives linked with 'nirvana' unveils the layers and diversity of perspectives on enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment. Descriptors like 'final' and 'complete' hint at the closing chapters of a spiritual journey, signalling an end to the cyclical struggles of life. 'Great' and 'ultimate' reflect the exceptional state of bliss and liberation associated with nirvana, underscoring its unparalleled significance in one's spiritual path. Meanwhile, adjectives like 'Buddhist' anchor nirvana within its religious origins, indicating its deep-rooted history and cultural significance. Finally, 'own' suggests a personal journey towards enlightenment, emphasizing the individual's path to achieving their own version of nirvana. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that unveil the profound nuances of experiencing nirvana below.
finalThe ultimate goal of Buddhism is the attainment of final nirvana
greatThe monk achieved great nirvana through years of meditation and self-denial.
buddhistThe Buddhist nirvana is the ultimate goal of the Buddhist path, which is a state of enlightenment and freedom from suffering.
completeShe achieved complete nirvana through years of meditation.
ownIn the depths of her solitude, she found her own nirvana
ultimateThe ultimate nirvana was achieved through meditation and detachment from the material world.
trueMeditation guided Zen to true nirvana
supremeSupreme nirvana is a state of complete enlightenment and liberation from all suffering.
highestThe ultimate goal of Buddhism is to achieve the highest nirvana a state of complete enlightenment and liberation.
perfectThe meditation retreat led to a perfect nirvana
personalThe pursuit of personal nirvana was what fueled her adventurous spirit.
realThe real nirvana is not a place, but a state of mind.
absoluteThe feeling of absolute nirvana washed over me as I relaxed in the warm bath.
blissfulThe calmness of the serene landscape filled his soul with blissful nirvana
economicThe company's economic nirvana was short-lived.
eternalThe wise seek eternal nirvana through meditation and detachment from worldly desires.
blessedThe monk sought the blessed nirvana through meditation.
instantThe soothing melody transported him to an instant nirvana
sanskritThe concept of Sanskrit nirvana is central to understanding the nature of enlightenment in Hinduism.
spiritualWith the mountains surrounding us, we reached a spiritual nirvana after a long and arduous hike.
abidingThe seeker found an abiding nirvana in the mountains.
individualThe monk's life focused on seeking individual nirvana
earthlyI found earthly nirvana in the tranquility of the forest.
private"My private nirvana is a cozy corner with a good book and a warm cup of tea."
buddhisticAttaining buddhistic nirvana is an elusive but profound goal for many seekers of the truth.
utterMeditation led him to a state of utter nirvana where his mind was completely at peace.
blestThe enlightened sage found eternal peace in the blest nirvana
deathlessIn the midst of chaos, I sought refuge in the deathless nirvana
peacefulThe serene landscape exuded an aura of peaceful nirvana calming the troubled minds that wandered amidst its tranquil embrace.
temporaryThe temporary nirvana of sleep can be interrupted by nightmares.
negativeThe negative nirvana of the situation left me feeling empty and hopeless.
unsurpassedThe yogi's meditation practice led him to an unsurpassed nirvana
unconditionedThe unconditioned nirvana is the ultimate goal of all Buddhist practice.
pariPari nirvana is the ultimate goal of Buddhism, where one transcends suffering and achieves enlightenment.
remoteThe cabin in the secluded mountains offers a remote nirvana far from the hustle and bustle of city life.
unknownShe entered a realm of unknown nirvana where all her worries faded away.
eventualThe path to eventual nirvana is paved with patience and perseverance.
lastingExploring the depths of meditation, he sought lasting nirvana
remainderlessThe sage attained remainderless nirvana at dawn.
technologicalThe technological nirvana promised by the latest gadgets has yet to be realized.
relativeHe had found a relative nirvana during his stay in the countryside.
electronicShe was in electronic nirvana lost in the pulsating rhythms and soaring melodies.
permanentThe monk sought permanent nirvana through daily meditation.
classlessThe classless nirvana of the present has taken hold in the hearts of the people, creating a sense of unity and equality.
brahmaBrahma nirvana the ultimate state of enlightenment, is the goal of many spiritual traditions.
falseThe false nirvana of instant gratification often leads to long-term regret.
mahaThe profound experience of maha nirvana transcends the boundaries of our mortal understanding.
immortalIn the realm of immortal nirvana souls transcend the cycle of birth and death, finding eternal bliss and tranquility.
timelessIn the realm of timeless nirvana the tapestry of existence unfolded with ethereal beauty.
socialistWe are currently experiencing the best of a socialist nirvana
inscrutableThe monk's inscrutable nirvana left the disciples in awe.
mysticalThe calming music led her to a mystical nirvana
ecstaticThe ecstatic nirvana of meditation left her feeling rejuvenated and completely at peace.
transcendentThe meditation master reached a state of transcendent nirvana after years of practice.
unconsciousIn the depths of meditation, she found herself in a state of unconscious nirvana
infiniteThe monk sought an infinite nirvana
undisturbedBasking in the undisturbed nirvana of a serene forest, she escaped the cacophony of the city.
incompleteThe incomplete nirvana teased him, promising release but never delivering it.
lifelessThe lifeless nirvana of the city was a stark contrast to the vibrant energy of the countryside.
abstractAscending to the realm of abstract nirvana she found solace in the ethereal embrace of thought.
calledThe ultimate goal of Buddhism is to reach a state called nirvana
impersonalAs he approached the peak of the mountain, he knew he was close to achieving an impersonal nirvana
lincNirvana's music transcended the grunge genre, creating a linc nirvana crossover appeal.
sweetSeeking tranquility, I found my sweet nirvana in the peaceful mountain retreat.
hinayanaHinayana nirvana is a state of liberation from the cycle of rebirth.
classThe class nirvana is a state of pure consciousness and freedom from suffering.
distantThe distant nirvana beckoned like a mirage on the horizon line.
dreamlessThe serene monk achieved dreamless nirvana after years of meditation.
wirelessExperience seamless connectivity with the wireless nirvana
academicThe research environment fostered by the university was an academic nirvana providing an ideal setting for intellectual exploration and pursuit of knowledge.

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