Adjectives for Node

Adjectives For Node

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing node, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'node' can significantly alter the perception of its role and function. Whether it's a 'new' node joining a network, a 'single' node operating independently, or the 'first' node in a series, each term emphasizes different aspects of its utility and position. Consider the 'current' node in a system, which holds paramount importance, versus the 'next' node that promises potential for growth or change. The 'sinoatrial node', on the other hand, brings a specific biological nuance into play, highlighting the diverse applications of nodes across fields. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that reveal the multifaceted nature of nodes below.
newI'm so excited to start working with new nodes in my project!
singleThe single node of the cluster is responsible for all data storage and processing.
firstThe first node in the tree is the root node.
currentThe current node version is 16.13.1.
nextThe next node is on the left.
sinoatrialThe sinoatrial node is the natural pacemaker of the heart, generating electrical impulses that cause the heart to contract.
mobileThe mobile node moved to a new location.
terminalThe terminal node of the binary search tree is highlighted in red.
centralThe central node played a vital role in transmitting information throughout the entire network.
internalThe internal node in the binary tree has two children.
lastThe last node in the doubly linked list is pointed to by the tail pointer.
particularThe dependencies of a particular node are displayed
intermediateThe intermediate node of the decision tree was used to classify the data.
regionalThe regional node has been identified as a key part of the network.
enlargedThe enlarged node was examined by the doctor.
topThe top node of the tree has three branches.
activeThe active node in this network is the one that is currently sending and receiving data.
cervicalThe cervical node is a lymph node located in the neck.
initialThe initial node is the starting point of the graph.
correspondingThe corresponding node in the label hierarchy is a child of the node specified in the label.
remoteThe remote node is not responding.
atrialElectrical impulses in the heart are initiated in the sinus node and travel through the atrioventricular node (AV node) and the atrial node which delays the impulse slightly to allow the atria to fully contract before the ventricles.
lymphThe lymph node was swollen and tender.
leftThe left node is the root of the left subtree.
previousThe previous node was determined to be faulty.
mesentericAn ultrasound of his abdomen revealed a 2.5 cm mesenteric node
interiorThe node with two children that is neither a root nor a leaf is called an interior node
auricularThe auricular node is located in the right atrium of the heart.
adjacentThe newly added node should be an adjacent node of the selected node in the graph.
positiveThe positive node has a strong positive sentiment.
nearestMove to the nearest node
stableThe stable node is a point in the phase plane where the trajectories of a system converge to the point as t approaches infinity.
sinusThe heart's sinus node a small group of specialized cells located in the right atrium, initiates the electrical impulses that cause the heart to contract.
hiddenThe hidden node problem is a common issue in wireless networks.
emptyThe empty node is a special node that represents the absence of a node in a tree or graph.
inguinalI need to check the inguinal node
ventricularThe ventricular node is a group of specialized cells located in the heart that helps to coordinate the heart's contractions.
externalThe external node is responsible for providing data to the application.
primitiveThe primitive node is the earliest stage of embryonic development.
appropriateThe appropriate node was selected for the analysis.
atrioventricularThe electrical signal from the heart's sinoatrial node travels to the atrioventricular node which then sends the signal to the ventricles.
peripheralThe Protagonist then relayed the sequence to the Peripheral Nodes for verification and also for reporting to the head office.
levelThe level node is a flat node that has no children.
typicalThe string 'myString' is a typical node variable.
highestThe highest node in the tree is the root.
virtualThe virtual node is a network device that does not exist physically.
uniqueThe unique node has certain properties that make it stand out from the rest of the nodes.
supraclavicularThe supraclavicular node is a lymph node located above the clavicle.
palpableThe doctor examined the patient's neck and detected a palpable node
mediastinalThe mediastinal node is a small, pea-sized lymph node located in the chest.
unstableThe unstable node made the system unreliable.
upstreamThe upstream node is inaccessible.
sinoauricularThe sinoauricular node is located at the junction of the superior vena cava and the right atrium.
maliciousThe malicious node in the network was identified and isolated.
nonterminalThe nonterminal node is labeled with S.
involvedThe involved node was isolated and analyzed.
closestThe closest node is at a distance of 5.
lowestThe lowest node of the tree is the last element in the tree.
arbitraryThe arbitrary node was chosen as the starting point for the search.
neighboringThe neighboring node's data is larger than the current node.
topmostThe topmost node of the tree is the root node.
isolatedThe isolated node in the network graph suggests that it is not connected to any other nodes.
leftmostThe leftmost node in the tree is the root node.

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