Adjectives for Nodes

Adjectives For Nodes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing nodes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe nodes can significantly impact the perception and understanding of your text. Whether discussing regional nodes in a geographical context, the critical importance of cervical nodes in medical discussions, the optimistic viewpoint with positive nodes, the hidden complexity of internal nodes, the concern over enlarged nodes, or the specialized focus on mediastinal nodes, each adjective unveils a unique facet of the noun. These variations highlight the intricate nature of nodes in different domains. Delve into the full array of adjectives that can be paired with nodes to discover the nuanced meanings they can convey.
regionalThe suspicious lesion also involves the regional nodes
cervicalThe metastasis of the tumour cells occurred to the cervical nodes
enlargedI have enlarged nodes and I am worried about it.
mediastinalCervical and mediastinal nodes are examined for any evidence of involvement
mesentericThe abnormally enlarged mesenteric nodes were consistent with metastatic involvement.
inguinalThe inguinal nodes were slightly enlarged and tender.
lymphThe lymph nodes in the neck and armpits are swollen.
adjacentEach of the adjacent nodes has a value stored in it.
deepThe deep nodes in the forest were dark and mysterious.
intermediateThe intermediate nodes of the tree are internal nodes.
terminalThe terminal nodes of the tree were all labeled with the same value.
superficialThe superficial nodes are palpable in the inguinal region.
multipleThe distributed system has multiple nodes
pelvicThe pelvic nodes are a group of lymph nodes located in the pelvis.
aorticEnlarged aortic nodes along the left heart border were on the chest X-ray.
palpableThe doctor felt the palpable nodes in the patient's neck.
retroperitonealThe retroperitoneal nodes are located posterior to the peritoneum.
involvedThe involved nodes are all connected to each other.
hiddenThe houseplants have developed hidden nodes where the leaves branched off.
peripheralThe peripheral nodes initially examined formed several distinct clusters
axillaryThe axillary nodes are located in the armpit.
negative"Negative nodes" can be used in graphs and computer science.
externalThe external nodes of a binary tree are the leaves of the tree.
mobileThe mobile nodes can move freely within the network.
activeThe active nodes in the network are responsible for processing transactions and maintaining the blockchain.
neighboringThe neighboring nodes were all connected to each other.
bronchialThe bronchial nodes are lymph nodes that are located near the bronchi.
upperThe upper nodes of the tree were visibly affected by the storm.
retropharyngealThe retropharyngeal nodes are a group of lymph nodes located in the posterior pharyngeal wall.
superiorThe superior nodes of the cerebellum are the cerebral peduncles.
correspondingThe corresponding nodes of the assignment matrix should be multiplied together to form the matching coefficient.
interiorThe interior nodes that are connected to this node are: 0, 1, 3.}
abdominalAs a complication of Crohn's, the patient may develop abdominal nodes that are tender to the touch.
submandibularThe submandibular nodes are located below the mandible and drain the floor of the mouth, the anterior tongue, the lower lip, and the skin of the chin and cheek.
paraaorticThe paraaortic nodes are located along the aorta and its branches.
metastaticThe biopsies revealed metastatic nodes in her neck, confirming that the cancer had spread.
supraclavicularIt is often difficult to palpate all four supraclavicular nodes during an examination.
hilarThe hilar nodes are located at the hilum of the lung.
submaxillaryThe submaxillary nodes are located beneath the mandible and are often involved in oral infections.
submentalThe submental nodes are palpable and enlarged.
ipsilateralThe ipsilateral nodes were not dissected and all of the nodes were negative for metastatic disease.
lateralThe lateral nodes of the plant were removed to promote apical dominance.
tuberculousThe tuberculous nodes were present in the lungs.
affectedThe enlarged lymph nodes were also affected nodes
nearbyThe nearby nodes are all connected to each other.
successiveThe successive nodes are connected by edges.
remoteMany companies use a clustered architecture of multiple interconnected servers called remote nodes
fewerThe network has fewer nodes than expected.
distantBy this means, information is effectively shared between distant nodes improving model robustness and knowledge sharing.
connectedThe connected nodes formed a complex network.
tracheobronchialThe right tracheobronchial nodes are located on the right main bronchus just distal to the origin of the right upper lobe bronchus.
anteriorThe anterior nodes of the cerebellum receive afferent impulses from the head, eye muscles, and vestibular apparatus.
wirelessThe wireless nodes were able to communicate with each other over long distances.
inferiorThe headteacher inspected the inferior nodes of the school.
distinctThe tree had distinct nodes and branches.
parotidThe parotid nodes are located just below and in front of the ears.
suspiciousThe doctor found suspicious nodes in the patient's lymph nodes during the biopsy.
celiacThe doctor examined his celiac nodes
levelThe trees have level nodes
subcarinalThe biopsy of the subcarinal nodes showed no evidence of malignant cells.
infectedThe technician isolated the device as it had infected nodes

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