Adjectives for Nomination

Adjectives For Nomination

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing nomination, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the right adjective with the noun 'nomination' can significantly change the meaning and context of a statement. For instance, a 'presidential nomination' carries a sense of grandeur and national importance, while a 'democratic nomination' or a 'republican nomination' highlights the partisan aspect of the selection process. A 'gubernatorial nomination' narrows the scope to state-level implications, and a 'second nomination' introduces a narrative of persistence or redemption. The historical 'Whig nomination' brings a touch of historical context. Each adjective paints a different shade of significance and intrigue, drawing a detailed picture of the political landscape. Explore the full list of adjectives to uncover the intricate nuances each one brings to 'nomination.'
presidentialThe presidential nomination was a close race.
democraticBiden clinched the Democratic nomination after several primary wins.
republicanThe Republican nomination is a highly sought-after prize.
gubernatorialThe incumbent governor's gubernatorial nomination was met with widespread approval.
secondMy grandmother is up for a second nomination for the neighborhood's 'Yard of the Year' contest.
directThe convener reserved the right to make direct nominations for the committees.
thirdThe committee approved his third nomination for the award.
congressionalThe governor announced that he would support her congressional nomination
senatorialThe party announced its senatorial nomination at the convention.
unanimousThe unanimous nomination of the new CEO was met with thunderous applause.
formalThe formal nomination has been submitted to the committee.
regularShe received a regular nomination for Best Actress.
royalThe royal nomination was announced with great fanfare.
officialThe official nomination of the new president was announced yesterday.
liberalThe liberal nomination for the Supreme Court has been met with controversy.
independentHarvey Dent was elected district attorney as an independent nomination
preWe are waiting for the pre nomination of the presidential candidates.
subsequentShe has been nominated for an award, with a subsequent nomination for the same award next year.
peerShe also received a peer nomination to attend a national leadership conference.
progressiveThe progressive nomination process will begin in January.
mayoralThe mayoral nomination race is heating up, with several candidates vying for the coveted position.
fourthThe actor secured his fourth nomination at the 81st Academy Awards.
conservativeThe conservative nomination for the Supreme Court was highly controversial.
populistThe populist nomination was a surprise to many political analysts.
judicialThe judicial nomination process is complex and time-consuming.
partyThe party nomination was a hotly contested race.
controversialThe controversial nomination of the new CEO sparked heated debate among the board members.
ministerialThe ministerial nomination passed with strong bipartisan support.
validThe candidate received a valid nomination from the party.
papalThe papal nomination was highly controversial.
partisanThe partisan nomination attracted a wide range of candidates.
covetedThe coveted nomination for Best Picture went to the critically acclaimed film.
soleThe President has the sole nomination of federal judges.
unexpectedShe received an unexpected nomination for the prestigious award.
contestedThe contested nomination process was fraught with controversy.
eventualThe eventual nomination for the position of CEO brought him great joy.
parliamentaryAfter successfully obtaining his parliamentary nomination he resigned from his teaching post and won a by-election to enter the House of Commons.
masonicThe masonic nomination is a symbol of recognition and honor within the Masonic fraternity.
virtualThe virtual nomination process was quick and easy.
exclusiveThis opportunity is offered through an exclusive nomination by the university's executive committee.
uncontestedThe uncontested nomination was a surprise to many.

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