Adjectives for Nominations

Adjectives For Nominations

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing nominations, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the diverse landscape of 'nominations' reveals how adjectives significantly tint our understanding of the process. A 'presidential nomination' evokes a sense of gravitas and formality, hinting at the ceremonial aspects tied to high offices. In contrast, 'judicial nominations' plunge us into the realm of law and order, where fairness and expertise reign. The attribute 'democratic' paints nominations with a brush of inclusivity and public participation, suggesting a process open to collective decision-making. Each adjective, be it 'direct', 'other', or 'such', nuances the noun 'nominations' in subtly different ways, molding our perception of significance and procedure. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'nominations' and unlock a richer understanding of this pivotal word.
presidentialThe party's presidential nominations for the upcoming election are still being debated.
other"The other nominations have not been made public yet."
suchI am not able to generate sentences that contain personal information, such nominations
judicialBiden has made historically few judicial nominations
directThe board considered the proposal for making direct nominations
democraticThe democratic nominations are likely to be a contentious affair.
furtherThe chairperson called for further nominations
severalHe has received several nominations for his work.
moreThe movie received more nominations than expected.
independentThe senator secured enough independent nominations to be nominated from the floor.
republicanThe republican nominations have been highly competitive this year.
additionalThe academy board announced additional nominations for the prestigious award.
positiveThe committee will review the positive nominations for the award.
followingWe received the following nominations for the committee.
mostThe film received the most nominations in that category.
regularThe board has unanimously voted to submit regular nominations for her promotion to the state supreme court.
localThe local nominations for the upcoming election were due last week.
congressionalThe committee has handed in its report on the congressional nominations
negativeThe committee submitted three negative nominations for the position.
primaryThe candidates will face off in a series of primary nominations before the general election.
formalLegal action will follow if any formal nominations come to light.
majorThe film received major nominations at every major award show.
episcopalThe episcopal nominations were met with mixed reactions from the clergy.
sociometricThe sociometric nominations revealed the most popular students in the class.
gubernatorialThe gubernatorial nominations were announced last week.
partisanPartisan nominations in the United States are typically made by the political parties.
multipleThe esteemed actor received multiple nominations for his captivating performance.
openThe president declared open nominations for the upcoming elections.
recentThe recent nominations for the Academy Awards are out.
separateThe committee invited separate nominations from both the political parties.
validThe board accepted the valid nominations for the award.
executiveThe Senate voted to approve the president's executive nominations
badThe committee was accused of making bad nominations
numerousThe movie received numerous nominations at the recent film festival.
futureThe committee will be responsible for reviewing future nominations
legislativeThe governor has several legislative nominations pending.
officialWe are pleased to announce the official nominations for the awards.
fewerThe new film received fewer nominations than its predecessor.
respectiveThe President and the Vice President were nominated for their respective nominations
freshThe board will review fresh nominations for the position.
whigJohn Cannon was selected for the whig nominations in 1854.
royalThe royal nominations for the upcoming election have been announced.
partyThe party nominations will be announced in the next month.
subsequentThe subsequent nominations for the award were announced in January.
selfCity council is accepting self nominations for the vacant District 2 seat.
controversialThe controversial nominations sparked outrage among the public.
federalThe party will receive federal nominations when it is officially recognized by the FEC.
municipalMary attended a meeting in regards to municipal nominations in the town hall.
senatorialThe senatorial nominations were hotly contested by both parties.
unsuccessfulThe unsuccessful nominations were due to a lack of support from the board members.
ecclesiasticalThe Pope announced the ecclesiastical nominations this week.
parliamentary"Parliamentary nominations" have been made.
diplomaticThe president announced several diplomatic nominations yesterday.
successiveThe candidates will go through two successive nominations before they are selected.
papalThe papal nominations for the cardinals were announced last week.
forwardThe organization will accept forward nominations until the end of the month.
ministerialThe President submitted his ministerial nominations to the Senate for confirmation.
deadlineThe deadline nominations for the awards show have been extended.
oneThe magazine received one nominations for the award.
liberalThe president's liberal nominations are often met with opposition from the Senate.
uncontestedThe political candidates received uncontested nominations for their local elections.
nonpartisanThe supreme court justices are nominated by the president and approved by congress through nonpartisan nominations
controlledThere was controversy in the local election, and many accusations of controlled nominations

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