Adjectives for Norman

Adjectives For Norman

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing norman, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives preceding the noun 'Norman' significantly influences the perception and understanding of the subject. Descriptors such as 'Anglo,' 'Pre,' 'Late,' 'Early,' 'Old,' and 'Young' each unfold different temporal and cultural layers of the Norman identity. 'Anglo-Norman' might evoke the cross-pollination of British and Norman cultures, whereas 'Pre-Norman' suggests a look into the origins before Norman influence. Similarly, 'Early' and 'Late' distinguish between initial and concluding phases of the Norman era, offering insight into the evolution over time. 'Old' and 'Young' can denote the generational shifts within Norman society, highlighting contrasts in tradition, innovation, and adaptation. These adjectives serve as keys to unlocking the rich tapestry of Norman history and heritage. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'Norman' and the nuanced narratives each combination reveals below.
lateThe late norman church of St Peter and St Paul has a short, squat tower with an octagonal stair turret at the southwest corner.
earlyThe early norman kings were powerful and ambitious.
oldOld norman sat on the porch, watching the sun set.
youngYoung Norman's laughter echoed through the empty house.
dearDear norman I am writing to you today to express my sincere gratitude for your help.
postIt was built in the post norman style.
poorPoor norman was left out in the cold.
beautifulThe beautiful norman architecture of the church is a sight to behold.
saxoI saw a saxo norman in the parking lot.
nobleThe noble norman looked down upon his newly conquered subjects.
sherrySherry norman is an excellent writer.
fitzFitz norman looked at his dog and wondered if he should take it for a walk.
proPro norman has a knack for understanding complex economic issues.
anteThe lands of ante norman were once held by the Normans.
massiveThe massive norman cathedral overlooked the town.
victoriousThe victorious norman army marched triumphantly into the conquered city.
transitionalThe church has a transitional norman tower and a Decorated Gothic chancel.
plainYou're a right plain norman you are!
proudProud Norman's boasts of his heroic deed were met with skepticism.
handsomeHandsome norman was a dog that I used to have.
mixedThe mixed norman genre of architecture incorporates elements from both Romanesque and Gothic styles.
tallThe tall norman stormed into the room.
fierceThe fierce norman warrior charged into battle.
savageSavage norman devoured the raw meat.
wilyWily norman outsmarted his opponents with ease.
mightyMighty norman swiftly disarmed the attacker with practiced ease.
generousSir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand joined the generous norman Hardie at the Mount Everest Base camp in Nepal.
braveThe brave norman defended the castle with all his might.
welshThe Welsh norman have their own distinct culture.
invadingThe invading norman army laid siege to the city.
danishThe Danish norman fought bravely during the Battle of Hastings.
sicilianThe Sicilian norman architecture is a unique blend of Arab, Byzantine, and Norman styles.
furiousThe furious norman stormed through the village, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.
araboThe arabo norman architecture is a distinctive style of architecture that developed in the Emirate of Sicily.
percheronThe Percheron norman is a breed of draft horse that originated in France.
speakingI'm speaking norman a dialect of French

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