Adjectives for North

Adjectives For North

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing north, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating the linguistic landscapes of the word 'north' reveals a rich palette of adjectives, each casting a distinct hue on its meaning. Words like 'due,' 'far,' 'extreme,' and 'true' do more than specify location; they transport us to the ends of the earth, suggest a journey, hint at rigor, or seek precision. The adjective 'little' might suggest a lesser-known path, while 'magnetic' veers towards the scientific, evoking images of compass needles trembling in pursuit of direction. These modifiers shape our perception, coloring the noun 'north' with nuanced shades of exploration, accuracy, and allure. Uncover the full spectrum of adjectives and the sentences that bring them to life, diving deeper into the language that directs us northward.
dueThe ship sailed due north directly towards the magnetic pole.
farThe far north is a harsh and unforgiving environment.
extremeThe northernmost part of the continent lies in the extreme north
trueNavigating by the stars, the ship sailed true north until reaching its destination.
littleI live a little north of here.
magneticThe compass always points true magnetic north
industrialThe industrial north of England is home to many large cities.
furtherFurther north the snow was even thicker.
wholeThe frigid wind whipped through the whole north of the state.
farthestThe farthest north I have ever been is Alaska.
urbanThe urban north is experiencing a boom in population growth.
coldThe cold north wind howled through the trees.
elsevierI found this article in Elsevier north
southThe wind is blowing from the south north
entireThe entire north of the state is covered in snow.
frozenThe sled dogs were essential for travel in the frozen north
plainThe window faced plain north towards the distant mountains.
distantThe distant north was blanketed with a thick layer of ice.
industrializedThe industrialized north was a major source of pollution.
richWealthy tourists visited the rich north
globalThe global north comprises nations that are generally wealthier and more developed.
ruralThe rural north has a lot of natural beauty.
immediateThe immediate north of the city is a vast expanse of wilderness.
tropicalThe tropical north is a beautiful place to visit.
canadianThe Canadian north is a vast and remote region with a rich history and culture.
straightThe path to the castle runs straight north for two miles.
mountainousThe mountainous north is home to towering peaks and lush valleys.
hardyThe hardy north wind was a boon to the sailors.
geographicThe compass points to geographic north which is different from magnetic north.
remoteThe remote north was a vast and unforgiving wilderness.
furthestThe furthest north I've been is Alaska.
victoriousThe victorious north marched on, conquering all in their path.
mileWe walked a mile north to the lake.
loyalThe loyal north supported their king.
icyThe wind howled through the icy north bringing with it a biting cold.
frontThe house faces front north
coastalThe coastal north is a beautiful place to visit.
unknownThe explorers pressed onward into the unknown north
eastThe east north wind blew through the trees.
unitedThe United north stood together in solidarity against the invading forces.
geographicalThe compass points to geographical north
antebellumIn the antebellum north abolitionism was a growing movement.
rareThe rare north bird flew over the trees.
russianA cold wind blew from the Russian north
easternThe eastern north wind brought a cold front.
bleakThe bleak north wind howled through the trees.
lordLord north is well known for his role in the American Revolutionary War.
mainlandBring some water and main food from the mainland north
atlanticThe Atlantic north is a beautiful place to visit.
prosperousThe prosperous north of the country was a stark contrast to the poverty-stricken south.
protestantThe Protestant north was a region of Europe that was largely Protestant during the Reformation.
aridThe arid north is a vast and unforgiving land.
westThe sun sets in the west north
parallelThe ship sailed parallel north to the equator.
offensiveThe offensive north came as a surprise to the army.
populousThe populous north was home to many different cultures.
nearThe near north side of the city is a popular destination for tourists.
circumpolarThis circumpolar north is distinctive.

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