Adjectives for Northeast

Adjectives For Northeast

Discover the most common adjectives for northeast, from 'east' and 'north' to 'extreme' and 'brazilian'. Our comprehensive guide provides examples in sentences, highlighting how each adjective uniquely describes aspects of the northeast. Perfect for writers seeking precise language.

eastThe plane flew east northeast for several hours.
northThe wind is blowing from the north northeast
extremeThe extreme northeast part of the plot is home to a rare species of fern.
brazilianThe Brazilian northeast is a region of Brazil known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant culture.
industrialFactories line the industrial northeast
urbanThe urban northeast is home to a variety of people and cultures.
farThe far northeast region of the country is known for its rugged mountains.
southwestHe headed southwest northeast to reach the city.
ruralThe rural northeast town was quiet and peaceful.
entireThe entire northeast was affected by the power outage.
littleThe little northeast town was quiet and peaceful.
dueThe hikers proceeded due northeast towards the summit.
industrializedMany industries were built in the industrialized northeast
impoverishedThe impoverished northeast region struggles to overcome economic hardship.
metropolitanThe metropolitan northeast is home to many of the country's largest cities.
mountainousThe mountainous northeast is home to many stunning natural wonders.
strickenThe stricken northeast is in desperate need of aid.
dryThe dry northeast wind blew across the plains.
aridThe arid northeast of the country is home to many species of desert plants and animals.
poorThe poor northeast region of the country has been hit hard by the recent economic downturn.
remoteThe remote northeast was sparsely populated due to its harsh climate and rugged terrain.
populousThe populous northeast is home to many large cities.
coastalThe coastal northeast experienced significant flooding during the hurricane.
coldThe cold northeast wind whipped through the trees.
urbanizedThe urbanized northeast has a high population density.
plainThe plain northeast was a vast expanse of rolling hills and grasslands.
commercialThe commercial northeast is home to many large cities.
distantThe distant northeast region has a very cold climate.
antebellumThe antebellum northeast was a center of economic and cultural activity.
denselyThe heavily wooded area was densely northeast
mileThe park is located a mile northeast of the city center.
colonialThe colonial northeast was a region of great economic and political importance.
liberalThe liberal northeast voted heavily for Biden.
strikingA bolt of lightning illuminated the striking northeast portion of the sky.
crowdedThe crowded northeast was bustling with activity as people rushed to get where they needed to go.
riddenThe cyclists had ridden northeast for hours.
semiaridThe semiarid northeast is a region characterized by low rainfall and high temperatures.
depressedThe depressed northeast was the most affected area by the storm.
tropicalThe tropical northeast is home to verdant rainforests and stunning coral reefs.
conservativeThe conservative northeast was a bastion of traditional values.
underdevelopedI live in an underdeveloped northeast area.
glaciatedThe glaciated northeast has many lakes and mountains.
hillyThe hilly northeast of the country is renowned for its picturesque landscapes.
troubledThe troubled northeast of England has high unemployment and low living standards.
farthestThe farthest northeast city in the United States is Caribou, Maine.
woodedThe wooded northeast is home to many different types of animals.
straightThe flight path goes straight northeast
backwardThe geese flew in a backward northeast diagonal formation.
forestedOur companions stopped and stared into the forested northeast
clevelandThe Cleveland northeast area is home to a diverse population and a vibrant arts and culture scene.
mainlandThe mainland northeast experiences a humid continental climate.
growingThe towns in this region have been growing northeast since the 1950s
plaguedHeavy rains plagued northeast
acreThe house stood on an acre northeast of town.
ruggedThe rugged northeast coast is renowned for its dramatic landscapes and rich history.
bleakThe bleak northeast was shrouded in fog during the winter months.
developedThe developed northeast produces most of the country's food.

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