Adjectives for Nose

Adjectives For Nose

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing nose, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Describing a nose with adjectives like long, aquiline, large, straight, or red, paints a vivid picture of a person's most central facial feature. The choice of adjective can suggest elegance, strength, or sometimes, discomfort or embarrassment, as in a red nose. A well-chosen descriptive word not only helps in creating a detailed visual image but also hints at the character or current state of the person being described. For instance, a big nose might suggest a bold personality, whereas an aquiline nose might imply nobility or refinement. Explore the full array of adjectives to describe the myriad aspects of noses below.
longThe old man's long nose cast a shadow over his lips.
aquilineThe Roman emperor had a large aquiline nose
straightThe woman had a straight nose and piercing blue eyes.
redThe jolly clown had a big red nose
bigThe detective had a big nose
runnyMy child has a runny nose and a slight fever.
flatThe cat with the flat nose licked its lips.
hookedThe old man had a hooked nose that gave him a distinguished look.
littleThe little girl had a cute little nose
brokenAfter the boxer's victory, he tended to his broken nose
sharpThe dog's sharp nose sniffed at the ground.
prominentThe detective had a prominent nose that made him easy to spot in a crowd.
smallThe small nose of the child was adorable.
bloodyHe got a bloody nose from the punch.
veryShe has a very nose that makes her smile quite distinctive.
pointedThe fox had a pointed nose
thinThe dog has a long, thin nose
broadThe man with the broad nose smiled gently.
shortThe dog had a short nose
crookedThe old man had a crooked nose from years of boxing.
blackThe dog's black nose twitched as it sniffed the ground.
bulbousThe man with the bulbous nose was a familiar sight in the town.
externalThe external nose is the visible part of the nose that protrudes from the face.
fineHis long, fine nose gave him an aristocratic air.
upturnedShe had a small upturned nose that gave her a mischievous expression.
roundHe had a round nose and a long beard.
coldHer cold nose was a sign that she was getting sick
stuffyI woke up with a stuffy nose and a headache.
narrowThe dog had a narrow nose
bluntThe shark had lost its blunt nose in a fight with another fish.
strongThe man had a strong nose
delicateThe delicate nose on the statue hinted at a former beauty.
wetThe dog's wet nose was cold and damp against my skin.
wideThe man had a wide nose
likeShe has a piercing like nose
sensitiveHer sensitive nose detected the faint scent of jasmine.
shapedThe man had a very oddly shaped nose
thickThe guard had a thick nose and a large mustache.
pinkThe little girl had a cute pink nose
softThe dog had a soft nose
keenThe dog eagerly sniffed the ground with its keen nose
curvedThe hawk had a curved nose and sharp talons.
tinyThe tiny nose on the cat's face twitched as it sniffed the air.
beakedThe man with the beaked nose was a sight to behold.
bridgedThe man with the bridged nose stared at her with piercing blue eyes.
archedHer arched nose gave her face an exotic look.
electronicThe electronic nose can detect the presence of specific chemicals in the air.
aristocraticShe had a long, aristocratic nose and a haughty expression.
enormousWith his enormous nose it was difficult for Benjamin to breathe.
blueThe snowman's blue nose was a bright spot against the white snow.
fleshyThe clown had a big, fleshy nose
prettyHer pretty nose twitched with disdain.
pertHer pert nose turned up at its tip, matched the mischievous glint in her eye.
perfectHer perfect nose stood out in her otherwise plain face.
bonyThe man had a bony nose that made him look like a hawk.
slenderThe slender nose of the young woman was a delicate feature that added to her overall beauty.
beakyThe eagle's beaky nose was a perfect tool for tearing flesh.
uglyThe drunk slipped on the icy sidewalk, breaking his already ugly nose
tiltedShe has a tilted nose and a slightly crooked smile.
grecianHer Grecian nose and piercing blue eyes gave her an air of both beauty and intelligence.
handsomeThe man had a handsome nose that complemented his sharp features.
roundedHe had a friendly face with a slightly rounded nose
cuteThe baby has a cute nose
artificialThe artificial nose can detect subtle changes in the air, making it ideal for use in security and medical applications.
funnyThe clown's funny nose made the children laugh.
shinyI gently rubbed his shiny nose with my thumb.
bentHe has a bent nose that gives him a distinctive look.
inquisitiveThe inquisitive nose of the dog sniffed at the ground, searching for scents.
cleftThe boxer had a cleft nose a testament to his many fights.
eagleThe man had an eagle nose that gave him a distinguished look.

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