Adjectives for Note

Adjectives For Note

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing note, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a note can significantly affect the tone and clarity of your message. A promissory note carries with it the weight of financial obligations, while a special note may tug at the heartstrings or highlight important information. Mental notes are deeply personal, a moment captured in the mind’s eye. The length of your note, be it brief, short, or just a little reminder, can dictate the urgency or casualness of the message. Each adjective unlocks a new layer of nuance, transforming a simple note into a potent tool for communication and memory. Explore the full range of adjectives and discover the subtle implications they bring to your notes below.
promissoryThe promissory note was for a loan of $10,000.
specialPlease make a special note of this.
mentalHe made a mental note to call her back later.
briefHe handed me a brief note to read.
shortShe left a short note on the table.
littleI found a little note on the kitchen table.
lastThe band played their last note and the crowd erupted in applause.
finalHe left a final note to explain his actions.
marginalThe marginal note on the book indicated that the previous reader had found it to be particularly interesting.
personalHe added a personal note to the letter.
particularShe emphasized the importance of this particular note
singleThe piano played a single note
introductoryThe introductory note mentioned the upcoming changes.
positiveThe meeting ended on a positive note
previousPlease refer to the previous note for more information.
biographicalHis biographical note is comprehensive and clearly written.
dominantThe dominant note permeated the tumultuous symphony.
cautionaryThe cautionary note warned of potential risks.
poundI handed him a five-pound note and he smiled.
historicalA historical note the first international conference of social workers was held in Paris in 1928.
explanatoryLet me give you an explanatory note for the project.
further Kindly note the further notes in the attachments.
bibliographicalThe bibliographical note at the back of the book provided additional information.
falseThe screech of the rusty gate was a false note in the otherwise peaceful afternoon.
editorialThe editorial note was placed at the end of the article.
musicalThe beautiful musical note echoed throughout the music hall.
carefulPlease take careful note of the instructions
additionalPlease see the 'Additional Note' section of the policy for more details.
handwrittenShe left a handwritten note on the table.
discordantThe discordant note broke the harmony of the symphony.
interestingHe left the meeting with an interesting note
prefatoryThe book's prefatory note gave a brief overview of the author's life and work.
preliminaryThe preliminary note outlined the main points of the presentation.
dayMake a day note to call the doctor's receptionist to confirm your appointment.
fundamentalThe fundamental note of the chord is C.
lowestThe bassoon plays the lowest note of all the woodwinds.
sourThe singer's performance ended on a sour note
optimisticThe email ended on an optimistic note with the sender expressing hope for a positive outcome.
eighthThe eighth note played a merry tune.
writtenI left a written note on the table.
abovePlease find the above note for reference.
bankHe kept his bank note safely in his wallet.
highestThe soprano hit the highest note with ease.
negotiableThe transaction was completed with a negotiable note
characteristicThe chorus of the song had a characteristic note of melancholy.
jarringThe throbbing music struck a jarring note in the peaceful surroundings.
wrongThat's the wrong note to play.
sharpThe sharp note pierced my eardrums like a knife.
shrillThe shriek of the whistle pierced the air with a shrill note
quickI jotted down a quick note to remind myself of the important details.
jointThe lawyer sent a joint note asking for an immediate response from all parties involved.
secOnly sec note C contained information useful to the investigation.
sadThe sad note played on the old piano filled the room with melancholy.
plaintiveHer voice reached a plaintive note as she sang the old song.
politeShe left a polite note on the table.
curiousHis curious note explained the unseen details.
ominousAn ominous note was found on the door, warning of impending danger.

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