Adjectives for Nothing

Adjectives For Nothing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing nothing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives most commonly used with the word 'nothing' unveils intricate layers of meaning and emotion. Adjectives like 'worth,' 'good,' and 'mere' can significantly alter the perception of 'nothing,' transforming it from a simple concept of emptiness into a profound statement on value, quality, or insignificance. The term 'for nothing' emphasizes futility or waste, while 'all for nothing' hints at efforts rendered meaningless. The use of 'fear nothing' displays courage or reassurance. Each adjective attached to 'nothing' adds a unique shade of interpretation, revealing the power of language to convey complex ideas and emotions succinctly. Dive into the full array of adjectives associated with 'nothing' to uncover the subtleties of their connotations.
goodGood nothing can come of it.
forHe wasted his time studying for nothing
allThere is all nothing in the void.
mereThe mere nothing that he had achieved was a source of great pride.
fearDetermined to succeed, I fear nothing
meanThe empty words mean nothing to me.
presentShe decided to present nothing at the meeting.
sureNobody is sure nothing will go wrong.
airyHis words came and went, airy nothing
learntThe student learnt nothing from the class.
pureI stared into the abyss of pure nothing and felt a profound emptiness.
absoluteI stared into the abyss of absolute nothingness.
leftThe thief left nothing behind.
utterShe refused to utter nothing when she felt like speaking.
hastThou hast nothing but me to behold.
bottomWe searched everywhere, but there was bottom nothing
drunkI drunk nothing but coffee today.
sharedTheir shared nothing architecture rendered disjoint regional failures inconsequential.
learnedWe learned nothing from our past mistakes.
butIt was a long and arduous journey, but nothing could stop him from reaching his destination.
emptyThe empty nothingness swallowed us whole.
deadThe house was dead nothing but an empty shell.
lazyThe lazy nothing lay in the sun all day.
likelyIt was likely nothing but I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching me.
infiniteIn the infinite nothing the universe was born.
exactThe result of the experiment was exact nothing
writtenHe had written nothing on the page.
spareIf you want to win, you must spare nothing in your efforts.
afraidI'm afraid nothing can be done about it.
knowestThou knowest nothing
dreadYou can live a fearless life, and dread nothing

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