Adjectives for Notice

Adjectives For Notice

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing notice, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'notice' can dramatically alter the meaning and tone of a sentence. A 'short notice' evokes a sense of urgency, while a 'public notice' communicates information meant for the general populace. Similarly, 'further notice' implies an ongoing situation, 'little notice' suggests minimal attention or importance, and 'special notice' signifies something out of the ordinary. Each combination unveils a different facet of interaction, highlighting how adjectives can subtly but significantly change the message being conveyed. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives linked with 'notice' to see the diverse ways they can refine and define your communication.
shortThe meeting was canceled with short notice
suchI wish I'd had such notice that I could have prepared dinner.
publicThe public notice was published in the local newspaper.
furtherThis contract will remain in effect until further notice
littleThe unexpected guests arrived with little notice
specialA special notice has been issued by the city council.
muchI didn't give him much notice about the meeting
particularWe took particular notice of the way she moved.
duePlease provide due notice if you cannot attend the meeting.
briefShe left the city on brief notice
judicialThe court took judicial notice of the fact that the defendant had a history of violent crimes.
worthThe new release of the software is worth notice
obituaryI was saddened to read the obituary notice for my former colleague.
moreI wish I had more notice about this party.
officialThe official notice was posted on the company's website.
previousWe regret to inform you that our office will be closed with previous notice
reasonableThe employee is required to provide reasonable notice before resigning from the company.
priorThe manager requested that employees provide prior notice before taking time off.
constructiveThe buyer had constructive notice of the easement because it was apparent from an inspection of the property.
biographicalThe biographical notice was written by a historian.
writtenPlease provide me with written notice within 30 days.
actualThe court had actual notice of the claim.
properThe tenant must give proper notice before moving out.
formalThe company issued a formal notice to all employees regarding the new dress code.
slightestHe could scramble his features at the slightest notice
sufficientI would like to request a leave of absence with sufficient notice
copyrightThe copyright notice is located at the bottom of the page.
timelyPlease give us timely notice if you plan to cancel your reservation.
leastShe has decided to leave at the least notice
adequateThe employer must give adequate notice before making any changes to working hours.
shortestI will be prepared to give a presentation at the shortest notice
immediateWe will contact you with immediate notice
especialPlease take especial notice of the new regulations.
criticalThe critical notice was well-written and provided valuable feedback.
favorableThe firm received favorable notice in the industry report.
earliestPlease let us know at the earliest notice if you are experiencing any difficulties completing the form.
legalThe document contained a legal notice stating that all rights were reserved.
seriousWe took serious notice of the recent events and decided to take action.
extendedI gave the company an extended notice of two months before I left my position.
preliminaryThe preliminary notice was sent out to the public.
favourableThe company has received favourable notice from the review board.
lessIt seemed to happen with less notice than usual.
statutoryThe board of directors should receive statutory notice of the meeting.
introductoryThe introductory notice was brief and informative.
ampleI gave my manager ample notice before quitting my job.
fairThe company's policy requires employees to give managers fair notice before requesting a leave of absence.
slightHe gave me a slight notice before his departure.
promptWe will inform you about the event with prompt notice
printedThe printed notice was posted on the bulletin board.
scantI arrived with scant notice
detailedI posted a detailed notice on the community bulletin board.
distinctThe items were placed in a distinct notice for easy reference.
longerI need a longer notice to prepare for the trip.
prominentThey placed the prominent notice in a vibrant hue on the board.
carefulShe took careful notice of the man's suspicious behavior.
unsignedThe contract can be terminated with an unsigned notice
shorterThe company gave employees shorter notice of the layoffs than legally required.
validHe gave valid notice to his employer on his last day.
smallestIt was finished without the smallest notice

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