Adjectives for Notification

Adjectives For Notification

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing notification, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the digital age, the word 'notification' carries varied nuances depending on the adjective it's paired with. A 'prior notification' signals an advance warning, often crucial for preparation or changes in plans, while an 'official notification' conveys authority, demanding attention and respect. The tone shifts with a 'public notification', suggesting information meant for the wider community, compared to a 'written notification' that emphasizes formality and record-keeping. Understanding these subtle differences enhances communication clarity and effectiveness. Explore our comprehensive list of adjectives used with 'notification' to grasp the full spectrum of meanings and implications.
suchI will give you such notification as soon as I can.
officialThe official notification was sent out this morning.
priorIt was important to give prior notification to the employees.
formalPlease be advised that the formal notification will be sent in the next 72 hours.
publicThe public notification was sent out to all the residents in the area.
writtenThe homeowner received written notification of the property line dispute.
compulsoryCompulsory notification of data breaches is required by law in many jurisdictions.
immediatePlease provide immediate notification upon completion of the assignment.
earlyPlease inform us of any changes in your contact information so we can provide early notification on any account-related issues that arise.
regularWe send regular notifications to keep you updated.
eventThe event notification system ensures that all interested parties are informed about important events.
promptPlease provide prompt notification of any changes to your contact information.
properThe company sent proper notification of the meeting to all employees.
mailI received a mail notification about the new release.
certainI received certain notification that she would be late.
finalThis is the final notification you will receive.
emailPlease set up daily email notifications to keep track of your progress.
initialThe initial notification was sent out to all employees.
timelyWe appreciate your timely notification of the issue.
previousHe sent a previous notification about the meeting.
dueAll parties involved will receive due notification of the upcoming event.
preWe kindly request your pre notification if you are planning to visit us.
explicitThe explicit notification from the manager contained important details about the project.
automaticThe accounting department received an automatic notification when the purchase order was approved.
videI received a vide notification about the upcoming event.
appropriateWe will send you appropriate notification before proceeding.
simpleThe simple notification was received and processed.
mandatoryPatient care involves mandatory notification of incidents to the appropriate authorities.
nonI did not receive a non notification letter.
overdueI apologize for the overdue notification the project is still in development and should be finished soon.
asynchronousAsynchronous notification allows a process or thread to continue execution while waiting for a notification.
premarketThe company filed a premarket notification with the FDA.
aboveI received the above notification and am working to resolve the issue.
mereWe received a mere notification but we didn't receive any further information.
preliminaryThe preliminary notification was sent out early to give everyone ample time to prepare.
voluntary"Automatic voluntary notification service helps in the management of patients with vacillatory hypertension and other borderline conditions."
adequateThe company provided adequate notification of the upcoming changes.
sufficientThe event organizers provided sufficient notification to all participants.
reasonableThe company must provide reasonable notification of any changes to the terms of service.
partnerThe doctor recommended partner notification to inform the patient's sexual partners about their possible exposure to an infection.
statutoryThe failure to provide statutory notification of a change in circumstances can have serious consequences.
subsequentThe board will meet again on July 15th, with subsequent notification of the pre-meeting packet forthcoming.
spousalI need to make sure you understand spousal notification laws in your jurisdiction.
necessaryThe necessary notification must be provided to the relevant authorities.
verbalThe verbal notification was given to the employee.
receiveShe will receive notification of the upcoming meeting.
congressionalThe Department of Defense provided congressional notification of the drone strike in Yemen.
physicianThe physician notification was sent out immediately after the test results were received.
oralThe doctor gave her an oral notification about the results of her tests.
advancedAdvanced notification is crucial for proper planning and execution.
electronicI received an electronic notification from the bank about my account activity.
diplomaticThe diplomatic notification was sent to the foreign ministry.
dayThe day notification was sent out promptly.
mergerIn 2022, the FTC collected $382 million in civil penalties for merger notification violations.
mutualInsurance companies and other involved members agreed on a plan with clear mutual notification agreements.
patientThe patient notification process was streamlined to improve patient experience.
uneJ'ai reçu une notification concernant ma commande.
presidentialThe presidential notification was sent out at noon.
instantWe were alerted to the incident by an instant notification
alertThe alert notification was sent to the user's phone.
premergerThe firm is subject to premerger notification requirements.
parentParents must sign and return the parent notification form by Friday.
routineThe routine notification was sent to all employees.
informalThe informal notification gave us a heads-up about the upcoming changes.
obligatoryThe obligatory notification will be given by the complainant.

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