Adjectives for Notifications

Adjectives For Notifications

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing notifications, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the digital age, the word 'notifications' becomes increasingly essential, carrying nuances that shift with the adjectives used alongside it. Describing notifications as 'such,' 'event,' or 'mail' can highlight their relevance or type, whether they're casual updates or crucial alerts. Choosing 'official' frames them as authoritative and not to be ignored, while 'email' notifications signal a specific channel of communication. The adjective 'certain' injects a sense of specificity or exclusivity, suggesting that not all notifications are created equal. Each adjective chosen paints a distinct picture of urgency, importance, or context, enriching our understanding and anticipation of the notification in question. Explore below for a complete range of adjectives tied to 'notifications,' uncovering the subtle shifts in engagement they can inspire.
suchI have disabled such notifications and am no longer receiving them.
eventWe will use event notifications to track changes to our data.
mailI have received several mail notifications this morning.
officialThe company sent out official notifications to all employees regarding the new policy.
emailI've turned on email notifications so you can stay up-to-date.
certainSome apps might need access to certain notifications to work properly
formalThe company sent out formal notifications to all employees.
followingFresh graduate seeking employment opportunities following notifications posted on LinkedIn.
appropriateTo ensure the appropriate notifications are received by users, please provide a valid email address.
variousI received various notifications throughout the day.
publicThe city council posted public notifications about the upcoming election.
necessaryPlease ensure necessary notifications are sent to all concerned individuals.
asynchronousThe asynchronous notifications allowed for faster processing of data.
automaticThe system includes automatic notifications of new messages and updates.
furtherPlease check back later for further notifications
alertThe system sends alert notifications when it detects any suspicious activity.
relevantOur app will send you relevant notifications
individualWe will send individual notifications to all affected users.
subsequentUsers can always modify the parameters of subsequent notifications anytime according to their needs.
similarWe receive similar notifications every day.
statutoryThe company is required to comply with all statutory notifications
properEnsure that all proper notifications have been made.
multipleMy phone is constantly buzzing with multiple notifications
additionalPlease confirm your order and you will receive additional notifications about your package's delivery.
initialThe initial notifications were sent out this morning.
annualUsers are required to provide annual notifications about their assets.
requiredThe fire marshal required notifications to be given to all company employees.
aboveYou can make use of Google Assistant apps by going into Settings > Google > Account Services > Search, Assistant & Voice > Google Assistant > above notifications
priorOur branch manager was not happy with the client since he failed to submit the prior notifications
previousPlease verify that you received previous notifications via email before proceeding.
regularI receive regular notifications about the status of my order.
queryThe database system was configured to use query notifications
separateThe app will send separate notifications for each new chat message.
premarketFDA receives thousands of premarket notifications annually.
domesticDomestic notifications are important for effective communication and compliance.
legalPlease review the legal notifications before signing the contract.
activeTurn off active notifications to manage distractions during important tasks.
lateThe constant late notifications were very annoying.
administrativeThe organization released administrative notifications to all its employees.
timelyWe appreciate your timely notifications and prompt responses.
explicitThe operating system requires explicit notifications to complete the transaction.
voluntaryVoluntary notifications can be made by anyone with knowledge of a potential violation.
numerousMy phone buzzed incessantly with numerous notifications
incomingTurn off incoming notifications from apps that send you too many.
usualI turned off my usual notifications for a day to focus on my work.
agriculturalThe WTO Agreement on Agriculture requires members to submit agricultural notifications to the Committee on Agriculture.
weeklyI will send you weekly notifications about your account.
earlierCheck your earlier notifications for more information.
immediateWe will send you immediate notifications if your order status changes.
oralThe company will provide oral notifications of any changes to the policy.
printedThe printed notifications were delivered to the residents.
relatedI received a number of related notifications this morning.
briefShe received brief notifications when her work was complete.
electronicPlease enable electronic notifications for any changes to your account.
governmentalWe must be prepared for governmental notifications
routineMy boss sends me routine notifications about upcoming deadlines.
periodicThe system will send you periodic notifications regarding your account status.
unnecessaryI keep getting unnecessary notifications on my phone.
receiveThe app allows you to receive notifications when new tasks are assigned to you
frequentMy phone is constantly buzzing with frequent notifications
monthlyI receive monthly notifications about my bank account.
falseWe're sorry, we're experiencing some issues with false notifications right now.
duplicateI apologize for the duplicate notifications you are receiving.
clickI turned off click notifications on my phone during the movie.
datePlease check your date notifications
mandatoryMandatory notifications are required for certain types of events, such as data breaches and security incidents.
remoteThe app uses remote notifications to alert users of new messages and updates.
counterThe attorneys filed counter notifications to the DMCA takedown requests sent by the copyright holder.
unsolicitedI've been receiving unsolicited notifications lately.

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