Adjectives for Notion

Adjectives For Notion

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing notion, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a notion can deeply affect the perception of your message. A very notion implies intensity, while a general notion suggests something widely understood. The term popular throws it into the realm of widespread acceptance. Describing a notion as whole brings a sense of completeness, whereas common may imply it’s shared by many but lacks uniqueness. A vague notion, on the other hand, could leave your audience guessing. The nuances these adjectives add to the noun 'notion' enrich your communication, making it more precise and engaging. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'notion' to fine-tune your expression.
veryThe very notion of success is subjective.
generalThe general notion of the project is to create a website that is both informative and engaging.
popularThe popular notion that all mosquitoes carry malaria is false.
wholeI can't wrap my head around the whole notion that you're leaving.
commonThe common notion of quality is subjective and depends on individual preferences.
vagueHe had a vague notion of what the future held.
clearI have a clear notion of what I want to achieve.
falseThe false notion that the sky is green has been around for centuries.
abstract"Freedom" is an abstract notion that has been debated for centuries.
basicThe basic notion of democracy is that all citizens should have an equal say in how their country is run.
modernIn the modern notion of a university, research is emphasized alongside teaching.
simpleThe simple notion of sharing made the project successful.
preconceivedIt is vital to question preconceived notions and approach situations with an open mind.
centralThe central notion of the book is that time is an illusion.
fundamentalThe fundamental notion of the project is to provide a platform for users to share and collaborate on research projects.
slightestI didn't have the slightest notion of what was going on.
erroneousThe erroneous notion that vaccines cause autism persists despite scientific evidence to the contrary.
trueThe true notion of happiness is to live in the present.
faintestI haven't the faintest notion what happened.
intuitiveCalculus is based on the intuitive notion of the limit.
absurdThe absurd notion that the Earth is flat was once widely believed.
strangeI have a strange notion that something is amiss.
classicalThe classical notion of a liberal education is one that emphasizes the study of the great works of literature, history, and philosophy.
leastHe didn't have the least notion of what was happening.
keyThe key notion was that the world is not as it seems.
latterThe latter notion is that the universe is expanding into a void.
complexThe complex notion of time travel has fascinated scientists and philosophers for centuries.
christianThe Christian notion of love emphasizes compassion, forgiveness, and selflessness.
westernThe western notion of individualism often clashes with the collectivist values of many Asian cultures.
widespreadThe widespread notion that the earth is flat has been disproven by scientific evidence.
primitiveThe primitive notion of 'number' is a fundamental concept in mathematics.
wrongIt is a wrong notion to think that you can achieve anything without hard work.
ancientThe ancient notion of time is changing.
conventionalThe conventional notion of the family is changing rapidly because of the increasing number of single-parent households.
correctWe need to have the correct notion of how many displays will support this device.
adequateWe do not have an adequate notion of the world.
distinctIt is a distinct notion that the government should provide healthcare to all citizens.
mereThe mere notion of her made me smile.
exaggeratedHe had such an exaggerated notion of his own importance that he thought everyone was talking about him.
broaderThe new deal presupposes a broader notion of reality.
aristotelianThe Aristotelian notion of substance is a complex and nuanced concept.
vaguestMy vaguest notion was the first to surface
foggiestHe didn't have the foggiest notion of what was going on.
familiarHe rejected the familiar notion that all politics is local.
greekThe greek notion of `mimesis` is a fascinating concept, one particularly relevant in the context of art and representation.
theoreticalThe theoretical notion of quantum entanglement suggests that particles can be linked across vast distances.
simplisticThe simplistic notion that success is solely dependent on hard work fails to acknowledge the role of luck and privilege.
preciseThe precise notion of the term is often difficult to grasp.
definiteI have a definite notion that the work will be completed by Friday.
philosophicalThe philosophical notion of free will has been debated for centuries.
underlyingThe underlying notion of the study was that life satisfaction is influenced by many factors.
crazyI had the crazy notion that I could fly.
accurateThe accurate notion of the situation helped us make the right decision.
radicalThe radical notion that we could all be wrong sent shockwaves through the community.
metaphysicalThe metaphysical notion of free will has been debated by philosophers for centuries.
clearerAfter much contemplation, I finally had a clearer notion of my goals.
curiousThe curious notion that the universe is a giant simulation has captivated the imaginations of scientists and philosophers alike.
platonicOne of the challenges I faced was the platonic notion of no sex before marriage.
biblicalThe biblical notion of heaven as a place of eternal bliss has been influential in many cultures.

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