Adjectives for Null

Adjectives For Null

Explore our comprehensive guide to discover the most fitting adjectives for 'null' used in various contexts. From 'first' and 'non' to 'appropriate' and 'true', we provide examples in sentences to enhance understanding. This resource is ideal for writers and linguists aiming to refine their language precision when describing 'null'.

firstThe first null is always the beginning.
nonThis is a non null sentence.
trueTrue null is a keyword in Python that refers to the absence of a value.
sharpThe knife was sharp null
constantThe constant null is a special value in JavaScript that represents the absence of a value.
deepThe deep null engulfed the abandoned spacecraft, silencing its once-boisterous engines.
falseThat is a false null my friend.
completeThe results were a complete null and void.
literalThe literal null is a special value that represents the absence of a value.
secondThis is a second null
homozygousThe homozygous null mutations of the gene resulted in the complete loss of protein function.
singleThat single null value is causing the error.
specialI have a special null and void arrangement with my friends.
publicThe public null is not allowed here.
staticThe static null reference can be used to indicate that there is no valid object reference.
auralThe aural null zone was a place of complete silence.
lateWe had a late null of reservation for the restaurant.
jointThe joint null hypothesis test examines whether the means of two or more populations are zero.
simpleThis sentence is simple null
perfectThe results showed a perfect null
recurrentThe recurrent null error is a common problem in programming.
readonlyThis is a sentence that includes the phrase "readonly null."
bestThe best null code is no code at all.
magneticThe shifting of the magnetic null from the center of the galaxy occurred over ten thousand years.
beginBegin null is a strange phrase.
deepestThe deepest null is the one that you cannot find.
macromacro null used them as a means of not exceeding certain spatial and inter-temporal fixed points, as well a method of avoiding contact with those portions of the geographic continuum over which the interference field was particularly intense.
traditionalTraditional null is a method in Java for checking if an object reference is null.
exactThe exact null hypothesis is that there is no difference between the two groups.
opticalThe optical null method is used to align optical elements.
doubleThe double null condition is used to check if a variable is null or undefined.
broadThe interference structure showed a broad null at the high frequency end of the spectrum after the addition of small amount of carbon nanotube.
suitableThe results are not suitable null and the experiment should be repeated.
stableThe stable null model assumes that the distribution of species is random.
atomicallyThe method accepts an `AtomicBoolean` or an atomically null `Boolean`.
formerThe former null hypothesis has been rejected.
electricalThe electrical null is the point at which no current flows through a circuit.
correspondingThe corresponding null hypothesis is that the mean difference between the two groups is zero.
symbolicThe symbolic null is used to represent the absence of a value.
satisfactoryThe results of the study were satisfactory null
separateThere is a separate null at the end of each line in the text file.
explicitThe variable is assigned to explicit null
defaultMark the value as default null
compositeThe composite null constraint was not satisfied.
initialThe initial null measurement was due to a manufacturing defect.
dayThe results will be released on day null
genericThe generic null is a special value that indicates the absence of a value.
statisticalThe statistical null hypothesis was not rejected.
uniqueThe unique null value ensures that each row in the table is distinct.
createYou can't create null objects.
specifyThe system administrator wants to specify null values in the database.
absoluteThe absolute null point is the coldest temperature that can theoretically be reached.
globalThe global null value is often used as a placeholder in databases.
partialThe partial null function removes all rows with a NULL value for the specified column.
integrinIntegrin null cells showed reduced adhesion to fibronectin.
spatialThe spatial null hypothesis test statistic is computed as the ratio of the determinant of the between-subjects sum of squares matrix to the determinant of the total sum of squares matrix.
prudentWe can trust that the prudent null will present the information scrupulously.
alephThe set of all natural numbers is an aleph null set.
usefulThe useful null value serves as a placeholder when no meaningful data is available.
geometricThe geometric null represents the set of all points that are equidistant from a given set of points.
sidedThe sided null hypothesis test is only valid if the mean is normally distributed
adaptiveThe adaptive null approach effectively suppressed the noise and enhanced the signal-to-noise ratio.
unstableThe unstable null results in inconsistent calculations.

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