Adjectives for Number

Adjectives For Number

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing number, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a number can significantly impact the perception of quantity, scale, or importance it conveys. A large number implies a vast amount, often more than expected, while a small number suggests minimalism or perhaps insignificance. The term total number gives a sense of completeness, encompassing every possible count. When we talk about a great number, we're emphasizing significance or impact rather than just quantity. Conversely, a greater number introduces a comparison, suggesting a quantitative evaluation against another number. A limited number, however, hints at scarcity or restriction. Each adjective shapes our understanding and expectations differently, infusing our discussions with nuances and depth. Explore our full list of adjectives used with 'number' to enhance your vocabulary and expression.
largeThe company had generated revenue from a large number of customers.
totalThe total number of students is 25.
smallThere was a small number of people at the party.
greatThere was a great number of people at the party.
greaterThe greater number of people who get vaccinated, the faster we can reach herd immunity.
limitedHe can only invite a limited number of guests to his wedding.
certainShe has a certain number of books.
considerableHis act of kindness brought in a considerable number of donations.
averageThe average number of hours people spend on social media each day is 2 hours and 24 minutes.
largerThe larger number was chosen as the winner.
greatestThe greatest number that divides both 60 and 45 exactly is 15.
infiniteThe universe holds an infinite number of galaxies.
largestThe largest number is found by subtracting the smallest number from the greatest number.
wholeThe sum of two whole numbers is a whole number
sufficientWe have a sufficient number of volunteers for the event.
maximumThe maximum number of students in a class is 30.
equalThe two teams have an equal number of players.
significantThe study included a significant number of participants.
vastThe vast number of options made it difficult to choose.
smallerThe smaller number is five.
minimumThe minimum number of people required for this task is five.
substantialA substantial number of people have expressed interest in the new program.
actualThe actual number of people who attended the event is not yet known.
finiteThe number of digits in a finite number is finite.
atomicThe atomic number of an element is the number of protons in the nucleus of each atom of that element.
meanThe population mean number of years of education is 13.1.
exactThe exact number of students in the class is 25.
highestThe highest number in the list is 10.
oddThe odd number out was seven.
evenThe sum of two even numbers is an even number
enormousThe enormous number of people in the city made it difficult to get around.
fairThe report showed a fair number of positive developments.
immenseAn immense number of people gathered in the streets to protest.
smallestThe smallest number in the set is three.
hugeA huge number of people attended the concert.
digitThe digit number is 5.
unlimitedThe company has an unlimited number of resources at their disposal.
randomThe random number generated was 42.
surprisingThe team discovered a surprising number of errors in the dataset.
variableThe variable number of fish in the lake is a concern.
goodlyThere was a goodly number of people at the party.
absoluteThe absolute number of students in the class is 20.
correspondingThe corresponding number is 42.
disproportionateThe recent study found a disproportionate number of millennials struggling with mental health issues.
correctThe correct number of participants is 10.
adequateThe company hired an adequate number of employees to meet the project deadline.
unknownThe unknown number was hiding in the shadows.
sheerThe sheer number of options available can be overwhelming.
uniqueThe unique number assigned to each product makes it easy to track inventory.
arbitraryThe arbitrary number of digits in the decimal expansion of pi suggests it is not a rational number.
requisiteThe requisite number of votes was not reached.
leastWe must use the least number of personnel possible.
primeThe only even prime number is 2.
wrongI'm sorry, but you have the wrong number
serialThe serial number of the product is located on the back of the box.
excessiveThe excessive number of students made it difficult for the teacher to manage the class.
unusualThe unusual number of visitors to the park surprised the rangers.
sizableA sizable number of people attended the concert.

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