Adjectives for Nylon

Adjectives For Nylon

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing nylon, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'nylon' conveys a fascinating variety of qualities and uses, impacting both the visual and functional aspects of the material. Whether described as 'white' or 'black', the adjective highlights the nylon’s color attribute, essential for fashion and design considerations. 'Fine' and 'coated' adjectives delve deeper into the textile's texture and finish, suggesting a range of applications from delicate clothing to robust outdoor gear. Meanwhile, 'braided' and 'ripstop' adjectives point to the strength and durability modifications that make nylon versatile for countless products. Explore how each adjective opens a window into the potential and adaptability of nylon in our full list below.
whiteShe wears a white nylon dress.
blackShe wore a black nylon dress to the party.
fineThe veil is made of fine nylon
coatedMy new running shoes have a waterproof coated nylon upper.
braidedThe strong braided nylon rope was perfect for tying down the boat.
ripstopThe lightweight ripstop nylon backpack is perfect for hiking and camping.
blueI need to buy some blue nylon for my project.
thinThe kite flew high in the sky, its thin nylon string barely visible.
greenThe green nylon rope was strong and durable.
heavyThe heavy nylon rope hung from the ceiling.
interruptedJohn stepped on the interrupted nylon and tripped.
reinforcedThe reinforced nylon buckle was durable and held the strap securely.
filledWorkers put strips of nylon and polyester together and filled nylon over it before locking in the first strip of leather to cover the top of the boot.
sheerSarah emerged from the bathroom in a dress of sheer nylon
solubleThe soluble nylon will dissolve in water at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.
continuousThe continuous nylon fibers are strong and durable.
lightweightThe lightweight nylon fabric was perfect for the summer dress.
redThe red nylon rope was strong and durable.
softI folded the soft nylon into a gentle crease.
clearThe clear nylon fabric shimmered in the light
syntheticSeveral synthetic nylon strings were attached to the box.
pinkShe folded the pink nylon nightgown carefully.
waterproofThe waterproof nylon jacket kept the hiker dry during the rainstorm.
strongThe parachute was made of strong nylon
inchScraps of inch nylon were sewn into its place.
stopWe saw the stop nylon is coming soon.
denierThe denier nylon fabric is perfect for making durable and lightweight clothing.
toughThe tough nylon rope held the weight of the climber securely.
pureThe pure nylon fabric was smooth and luxurious.
ballisticThe ballistic nylon backpack is durable and tear-resistant.
yellowThe yellow nylon fabric was perfect for the summer dress.
lightThe lightweight tent was made from light nylon and designed for optimal ventilation.
thickThe straps were made of thick nylon
unfilledShe used unfilled nylon to make the tiny gears.
wetThe wet nylon fabric clung to his skin.
brightThe bright nylon fabric shimmered in the sunlight.
flexibleThe flexible nylon fabric stretched easily to fit the curves of the body.
amorphousAmorphous nylon is a type of nylon that lacks a regular crystalline structure.
hardThe water bottle is made of hard nylon
coloredThe colored nylon threads were woven together to create a vibrant tapestry.
spunThe spun nylon cord was perfect for the job.
4-0The thick 4-0 nylon rope held strong against the pull of the heavy wave.
dryThe dry nylon fabric felt rough against her skin.
transparentShe wore a transparent nylon nightgown.
stiffThe stiff nylon fabric was uncomfortable to wear in the summer heat.
solidThe durable backpack was made of solid nylon
elasticThe elastic nylon band stretched to twice its original length.
tubularThe straps are made of lightweight, yet tubular nylon so they're both flexible and durable.
undrawnThe undrawn nylon had a tenacity of 4.5 grams per denier.
flatShe purchases flat nylon outfits on Fridays.
filamentFilament nylon is a rigid thermoplastic that exhibits high strength and resistance to abrasion.
modifiedThe modified nylon has a higher melting point than the original nylon.
smoothThe smooth nylon fabric glided effortlessly over her skin.
darkHe wore a dark nylon mask over his face.
resistantThe tent was constructed with resistant nylon ensuring it could withstand strong winds.
regularThe carpet was made of regular nylon
ordinaryThe ordinary nylon rope was strong enough to hold the heavy weight.
woollyThe soft woolly nylon was warm and comforting on a cold winter day.
multifilamentThe multifilament nylon rope was strong and durable.
durableThe durable nylon fabric of the backpack ensured its longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
subcuticularThe subcuticular nylon sutures were removed two weeks after surgery.
slipperyThe slippery nylon fabric slithered out of my grasp.
shinyShe was wearing a shiny nylon dress.
poundThe heavy pound nylon fishing line snapped, sending the lure flying into the water.
tautThe taut nylon cord snapped with a loud twang.
impregnatedThe impregnated nylon was used to create a waterproof fabric.
quiltedThe quilted nylon jacket was warm and comfortable.
commercialCommercial nylon was first introduced in 1938.
drawnThe drawn nylon was soft and pliable.
5-0The fishing line was made of a strong 5-0 nylon.
oliveI found an old olive nylon bag in the attic.
virginThe fabric is made of pure, virgin nylon
annealedThe annealed nylon was used in a variety of applications, including clothing, packaging, and automotive parts.
allThe tarp was made of all nylon
neatHere is a sentence including the words 'neat nylon': The nylon rope was so neat and tidy it looked unused.
rubberizedThe rubberized nylon fabric provided excellent protection from the elements.
orangeThe orange nylon rope was strong and durable.
strandThe fishing line was made of a durable strand nylon
cheapThe cheap nylon fabric was perfect for the budget-friendly curtains.
moldedThe molded nylon body of the device is extremely durable.
uncoatedThe uncoated nylon was soft and pliable.
monofilamentThe monofilament nylon line is very thin and strong.

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