Adjectives for Obj

Adjectives For Obj

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing obj, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'obj' can significantly alter the meaning and tone of a sentence, highlighting the importance of nuanced language use. For instance, a 'direct obj' emphasizes straightforwardness, while a 'variable obj' hints at flexibility and changeability. Mentioning a 'time obj' could suggest a temporal aspect, whereas 'theirs obj' personalizes the subject. Each adjective brings its unique flavor, demonstrating how subtle language choices can shape perceptions and narratives. Dive into the full array of adjectives matched with 'obj' to explore the richness these descriptors add to your sentences.
objectI see the object obj
direct"A dog is the most direct obj."
variableThe variable obj can be used to store different types of data.
dimThe dim obj was barely visible in the dark room.
voidThe void object is a special value that denotes the absence of a value.
poorI feel sorry for the poor object.
gameThe game object is a collection of data that represents a single entity in a game.
initialThe initial objectives were discussed in the meeting.
divineI hope the divine object will help us.
describedThis day described obj was my day off
fairI think that's a fair objective for the team.
furtherI further obj
desiredShe was lucky to get her desired obj
comparableThe results are comparable obj to those of the previous year.
locatableThe locatable obj is the one you can see.
currentThe current objective is to create an optimal solution.
finalThe final objective is to reach the top of the mountain.
genericThe generic obj is a class that can be used to represent any type of object.
netI cast my net obj into the sea and hoped for a big catch.
nominativeThe brown dog was the nominative obj of the sentence.
objectiveThe objective obj achieves the goals set out in the agreement.
payableThe payable obj is very important.
nomWe need a nom obj for the sentence.
chickenI like to eat chicken obj
goalThe goal obj is to increase sales by 10%.
prepaidI want to buy a prepaid obj
integrableThe impedance of the generator was varied to provide an integrable obj
remoteThe remote obj is located in the basement.
grammaticalI saw a grammatical object in the sentence.
equivalentThree enemy warships are equivalent obj
observableThis is an observable obj
starlThe starl obj was shining brightly in the night sky.
receivableI was able to complete the receivable obj task.
overheadThe overhead object was a large, black bird.
lineThe line obj is a helpful tool for creating and manipulating lines in a drawing.
serializableThe serializable obj can be easily converted to a JSON string.
oursThe group members worked on ours obj
apparentThe apparent object of his hatred was his brother.
movableThe movable obj was placed in storage for the time being.
writThe writ obj is the dejected pigeon near the decrepit tree
notionalThe notional obj is 100,000 pounds.
inwardThe inward object is often used to describe the internal state of a person or thing.
passiveI saw the passive object.
woodenThe wooden object was handcrafted by a skilled artisan.
nominalI wrote a nominal objective.
plyI've been working on a 3D model in Blender, and I'm trying to export it as a ply obj file.
armenianI have an armenian obj

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