Adjectives for Object

Adjectives For Object

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing object, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'object' can significantly alter the meaning or emphasize the nuance of a sentence. For instance, describing something as the 'same object' implies a comparison or equality, whereas 'main object' suggests primacy or importance. 'Great object' elevates its significance or size, while 'direct object' indicates a grammatical role, highlighting the object's relationship to the verb. The adjective 'real' asserts authenticity or existence, differentiating from fictitious or hypothetical items. 'Particular object' specifies uniqueness or individuality among others. Each adjective opens a new dimension of interpretation, enhancing the descriptive power of language. Dive into the full array of adjectives that enrich narratives and descriptions involving the noun 'object' below.
sameHe looked at the same object for hours, lost in thought.
mainThe main object of this article is to explain the concept of artificial intelligence.
greatThe painting was a truly great object of art.
realShe picked up a real object from the ground.
particularThe particular object was a small, wooden box with a hinged lid.
principal"No one can be the principal object of his own action." is the quote from Simone Weil.
singleThe single object was placed on the table.
chiefThe chief object of the trust is for the advancement of the education of the public in Canada.
primaryThe primary object of the investigation was to determine the cause of the fire.
onlyThe only object in the room was a chair.
physicalThe physical object was placed on the table.
externalThe external object was a small, brown box.
properThe proper object of the sentence is the receiver of the action.
ultimateThe ultimate object of the game is to win.
distantThe distant object was barely visible in the dim light.
originalThe artist presented the original object to the museum.
inanimateI picked up the inanimate object and examined it closely.
solidThis is a solid object that does not move.
grandHe had organized a grand object that helped to alleviate the pain of the homeless.
beautifulI was immediately drawn to the beautiful object on display at the museum.
aestheticThe aesthetic object was a beautiful painting that hung in the museum's grand hall.
heavyThe heavy object crashed to the ground.
primeThe prime object of the new research is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.
darkThe dark object moved quickly across the room.
familiarThe familiar object laid on the table, its surface worn and smooth from the years of use.
avowedThe avowed object of the mission was to retrieve the stolen artifacts.
conspicuousThe conspicuous object stood out like a sore thumb.
sacredThe priest guarded the sacred object with his life.
remoteThe remote object was not accessible at this time.
visibleThe visible object was a large, red balloon.
concreteThe concrete object was solid and unyielding.
interestingThe interesting object caught my eye.
desirableThe desirable object was a shiny, red sports car.
dimensionalThe dimensional object was difficult to visualize.
belovedThe beloved object was a reminder of happier times.
transitionalThe child kept the transitional object close to their heart during the difficult time.
supremeThe supreme object of our devotion is God.
strangeA strange object appeared in the sky, captivating the attention of onlookers
intentionalThe teacher gave the students an intentional object
legitimateThe police officer asked to see his legitimate object
brightJohn stared at the bright object in the sky.
worthyThe worthy object was praised.
roundThe round object rolled across the floor.
shapedThe oddly shaped object sat on the table.
prominentThe prominent object in the room was the large, ornate grandfather clock.
sharpHe held a sharp object in his hand.
sensibleThe sensible object was placed on the table.

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