Adjectives for Objects

Adjectives For Objects

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing objects, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'objects' can completely transform a sentence, deepening its meaning and enriching the reader's imagination. From the 'external' beauty that captures our gaze to the 'physical' specifics that ground them in reality, each adjective offers a unique lens through which we view the material world. 'Natural' objects sing songs of earth and evolution, while 'inanimate' ones hint at the stillness of time. Even the size, defined by 'small', can sway our emotional response, teaching us the power of nuance in language. Curiosity piqued? Explore the full spectrum of adjectives tailored to 'objects' below.
otherI found other objects in the basement.
externalSome external objects are used in this experiment to measure the results accurately.
physicalShe placed the physical objects on the table.
naturalThe hike through the forest presented natural objects like twisted roots, towering trees, and babbling brooks.
inanimateThe inanimate objects in the room watched the people come and go.
smallThe girl picked up her small objects and placed them in a bag.
variousThere were various objects in the house.
realThe real objects were on the table.
distantThe distant objects in the picture were hard to make out.
familiarShe found familiar objects in her grandma's attic.
individualThey placed the individual objects on the shelves carefully.
particularShe has a special fondness for particular objects
similarThe students placed their similar objects on the table.
sacredThe priest carefully guarded the sacred objects
concreteThe concrete objects were scattered all over the floor.
beautifulThe room was adorned with beautiful objects that caught her eye.
solidThe solid objects were placed on the table.
principal The principal objects of the society are to promote the art of music and encourage its practice.
sensibleSarah and Brian discussed the sensible objects that have been discovered.
dimensionalMarie placed the dimensional objects in a separate box.
heavyCarry heavy objects with your legs, not your back.
visibleThe visible objects in the room included a table, chairs, and a sofa.
complexThe students built complex objects using the programming language.
interestingThe shelves were lined with various interesting objects
chiefThe chief objects of attention are the two portraits.
everydayThe artist used everyday objects to create a unique sculpture.
ordinaryShe had a table full of ordinary objects
mathematicalMathematical objects are abstract entities used to model various mathematical concepts.
abstractPhilosophers often debated about abstract objects such as numbers and ideas.
sharpThe detective carefully examined the sharp objects found at the crime scene.
preciousHe kept his precious objects in a safe deposit box.
celestialThe vast night sky was filled with countless celestial objects twinkling and shimmering like a million diamonds.
distinctThe antique store sold distinct objects such as jewelry, paintings, and furniture.
nearThe near objects were dimly lit.
eternalThe eternal objects of time and space are not subject to change.
visualThe art exhibition had various visual objects on display.
remoteWe can also adjust the focus of the camera to get a clear view of the remote objects
tangibleThe insurance company requires a list of all tangible objects in the home.
smallerThe smaller objects were easier to carry in his backpack.
valuableThe museum housed many valuable objects that were priceless.
strangeI spotted some strange objects in the alley on my way home.
materialThe old house was filled with material objects that told the story of its past.
transitionalThe child held onto his transitional objects a stuffed animal and a blanket, as he struggled to cope with his parents' divorce.
usefulI have a lot of useful objects in my house.
decorativeThe decorative objects on the table were a beautiful sight to behold.
relatedThe related objects were placed carefully on the shelf.
brightThe bright objects in the sky are called stars.
madeIt is not easy to find handmade made objects nowadays.
worldlyThe wise man covets not worldly objects
outwardThe outward objects of sense are the subject of psychology.
ceremonialThe ceremonial objects were displayed proudly in the museum's grand hall.

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