Adjectives for Obligations

Adjectives For Obligations

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing obligations, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the use of adjectives with 'obligations' uncovers the layered complexities of duties and responsibilities. The term 'moral obligations' delves into the realm of ethics and conscience, showcasing responsibilities that resonate on a deeply personal level. 'Social obligations', on the other hand, spotlight the interconnectedness of society and our roles within it. 'Financial obligations' highlight the economic responsibilities individuals or entities may bear, whereas 'international obligations' emphasize duties that transcend national boundaries. 'Legal' and 'contractual obligations' stress the binding nature of laws and agreements. Each adjective, therefore, not only shapes our understanding of obligations but also defines the contexts in which they are applied. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'obligations' and how they color our understanding of responsibilities.
moralWe have moral obligations to help those in need.
socialI declined the social obligations due to prior commitments.
financialMy financial obligations have been piling up lately.
internationalThe country has met all its international obligations
legalCompanies have legal obligations to protect their employees from harm.
contractualThe company was unable to fulfill its contractual obligations due to unforeseen circumstances.
certainWe all have certain obligations in life.
mutualThe treaty between the two countries imposed mutual obligations on both parties.
reciprocalThe two parties have reciprocal obligations to support each other.
religiousShe has been steadfast in fulfilling her religious obligations
specialIndividuals with special obligations such as parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals, have a heightened responsibility to protect the vulnerable.
termThe company has a number of term obligations that must be met before the loan can be approved.
personalShe had too many personal obligations this weekend to spend time with friends.
ethicalSome companies are ignoring their ethical obligations to their customers.
militaryHe is currently fulfilling his military obligations
specificThe company has specific obligations to its customers.
professionalHer professional obligations often kept her working late into the night.
feudalThe peasants had to fulfill their feudal obligations to the local lord.
foreignThe company has to meet its foreign obligations
outstandingThe bank demanded that outstanding obligations be cleared.
currentThe company is required to disclose any current obligations or liabilities.
statutoryCompanies have various statutory obligations to comply with.
solemnThe speaker emphasized the solemn obligations of citizenship.
sacredThe citizens fulfilled their sacred obligations to their country.
constitutionalFederal judges are bound by their constitutional obligations to uphold the law.
heavyHis heavy obligations prevented him from spending time with his family.
futureI have several future obligations that I must fulfill.
additionalThe contract contains additional obligations that were not agreed upon.
externalDespite his external obligations he was still able to spare time for his family.
correspondingSeveral Member States supported the UN initiative to establish a system of human rights sanctions with corresponding obligations
domesticMy schedule was rather busy with my domestic obligations and I was finding it difficult to find time for myself.
civilWe must fulfill our civil obligations in order to live in a just and lawful society.
civicAll citizens have civic obligations to participate in the political process and contribute to their communities.
pecuniaryI have several pecuniary obligations to attend to this month.
federalDue to the company's federal obligations it was required to hire a significant number of new employees.
maritalShe neglected her marital obligations and was often neglectful of her family.
familialHe had to abandon his familial obligations to pursue his career.
bindingThe state is bound by binding obligations under international law.
formalThe company has a number of formal obligations to its employees.
parentalThe court emphasized the importance of parental obligations
respectiveThe parties involved agreed to fulfill their respective obligations
definiteThere are many definite obligations that come with being a homeowner.
corporateThe company has several corporate obligations including filing taxes and paying employees.
infiniteThe infinite obligations of the day will never be fulfilled.
universalWe all have universal obligations to each other
fiscalThe company has fulfilled all of its fiscal obligations
customaryThere are many customary obligations associated with this particular kind of transaction.
communalWe must fulfill our communal obligations such as caring for the elderly and educating the youth.
monetaryI have met all my monetary obligations
fixedShe had fixed obligations to meet.
filialAdult children are expected to take filial obligations seriously.
onerousThe onerous obligations of the contract proved too burdensome for the small business.
priorI had to leave the meeting early due to prior obligations

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