Adjectives for Occasion

Adjectives For Occasion

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing occasion, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an occasion can significantly affect the nuance it conveys. A first occasion evokes a sense of new beginnings and exciting opportunities, while a present occasion emphasizes the current moment, highlighting its importance. Using such conveys a sense of surprise or emphasis on the uniqueness of the occasion. Meanwhile, a special occasion is marked by its distinction from the ordinary, often celebrated with great joy. The term particular denotes an instance with specific importance or relevance, whereas a former occasion refers to a past event, tinged with nostalgia or lessons learned. To discover more about how adjectives can color your perception of occasions, explore the full list below.
firstI met her on the first occasion
presentI am honored to be here with you all on this present occasion
specialMy parents decided to have a special occasion dinner for my birthday.
particularThey often need to be chosen for a particular occasion
formerI had met her on a former occasion but I did not recognize her at first.
greatThis is a great occasion to celebrate our achievements and hard work.
lastHe couldn't remember what happened on the last occasion
previousI had tried my best on that previous occasion
onlyThe only occasion I had to apologize was when I accidentally broke a vase.
secondThis is the second occasion that I have been to this store.
memorableThe wedding was a truly memorable occasion
importantThis important occasion calls for a celebration.
rare"I'm not going to be with you on that rare occasion", he scoffed
futureI hope we will have many opportunities to meet on a future occasion
certainWe can't let such a certain occasion pass without doing anything.
solemnThe solemn occasion was marked by a moment of silence.
festiveThe festive occasion was celebrated with joy and laughter.
immediateShe hadn't planned the trip, but the immediate occasion was an invitation to meet her new nephew.
possibleWe should prepare for every possible occasion
singleThe single occasion was a memorable one.
happyThere was a happy occasion today.
frequentOn frequent occasions, she would go for walks in the park.
similarI have attended a similar occasion before.
laterI will see you at a later occasion
properIt would be inappropriate to wear a swimsuit on a proper occasion
momentousToday's meeting was a momentous occasion for the company.
earlierI have sent you the documents on an earlier occasion so you should have them already
historicI'll never forget the historic occasion that was his birthday party.
subsequentHe had planned to visit her on a subsequent occasion
thirdThis is the third occasion they have called me this week.
auspiciousThe auspicious occasion was celebrated with great joy and festivity.
suitableWe couldn't decide on a suitable occasion for the party.
joyousThe joyous occasion was celebrated with laughter and joy.
actualThe actual occasion is the concrete event in which a process is realized.
latterOn the latter occasion he was caught in a rainstorm and had to seek shelter in a nearby barn.
lessBalancing is less occasion to be monotonous these days given the combinations of adjustments that can be dialed in.
sadThe funeral was a sad occasion
likeWe should do this again like occasion
interestingI would like to dress up for this interesting occasion
grandThe grand occasion was marked by a lavish ceremony.
extraordinaryThe extraordinary occasion called for an equally extraordinary outfit.
formalShe appeared on the formal occasion in an exquisite gown.
joyfulHer family threw her a joyful occasion for her birthday.
melancholyThe melancholy occasion brought tears to our eyes.
fittingThe dress was stylish enough for the fitting occasion
ceremonialThe Queen graced the ceremonial occasion with her presence.
galaThe gala occasion was filled with laughter and merriment.
famous"For this famous occasion we ordered pizza"
fitThe fit occasion arose to demonstrate his skill.
notableThe notable occasion was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm.
uniqueThe unique occasion marked the first time the two leaders had met in person.
favourableWe should take advantage of the favourable occasion to improve our business.
ampleThe ample occasion for travel provided by the new road was taken advantage of by many.
slightA slight occasion is not worth missing.
pleasantOur pleasant occasion was filled with laughter and joy.
favorableThe favorable occasion presented itself when the two parties finally came to an agreement.
remarkableIt was a remarkable occasion one that would be remembered for years to come.
convenientI like the convenient occasion of using the internet to shop.
oddThere are odd occasions when he does not remember taking his medicine.
urgentThe situation required an urgent occasion to resolve the issue.
gloriousWhat a glorious occasion it was to celebrate her 100th birthday!
mournfulThe mournful occasion was marked by solemn prayers and heartfelt speeches.

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