Adjectives for Occupations

Adjectives For Occupations

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing occupations, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe occupations can drastically alter the perception of the roles themselves. Terms such as other, various, and different highlight the diversity and range within job sectors, emphasizing an inclusive spectrum of career paths. The adjective many underscores the abundance of opportunities available, while certain points to specific, perhaps more niche, occupations. The use of professional lends a degree of respectability and skill level to the occupations discussed. Each adjective brings its own nuance, painting a fuller picture of the employment landscape. Explore the full list of adjectives that pair with occupations to discover how language shapes our understanding of work.
otherPeople with other occupations also joined the trend.
variousPeople with various occupations gathered at the town hall to discuss the new zoning laws.
differentWorkers from different occupations gathered for a meeting.
manyPeople with many occupations are very versatile.
certainCertain occupations carry a higher risk of exposure to hazardous substances
professionalI'm looking for someone with professional occupations in the medical field.
skilledThe new regulations will affect skilled occupations across the board.
traditionalWhat traditional occupations are commonly found in the region of Puglia, Italy?
collarHe had worked in various blue-collar occupations before starting his own business.
agriculturalAgricultural occupations include farming, ranching, and forestry.
industrialThe report showed that industrial occupations were expected to grow 20% over the next decade.
specificTeachers, doctors, and lawyers are all specific occupations
manualManual occupations typically involve physical labor and require a high degree of skill and precision.
clericalMany clerical occupations can be learned through on-the-job training, while others require specialized training.
ordinaryThe workers in ordinary occupations deserve our respect for their hard work.
particularParticular occupations require additional training and education.
femaleWaiters and waitresses, as well as cooks and chefs, are considered female occupations
usualMy usual occupations include reading, writing, and painting.
relatedThe related occupations in this field entail research, development, and testing of products to ensure their quality and efficiency.
dailyRebecca has daily occupations and radiates happiness.
unskilledUnskilled occupations often require little formal education or training.
chiefFarming and fishing were the chief occupations in the early days.
ruralMany rural occupations rely on the use of heavy machinery.
hazardous"Safety first" should be a golden rule for all hazardous occupations
principal"The principal occupations of the population are agriculture and herding."
maleFarming, construction, and manufacturing are traditionally male occupations
sedentarySedentary occupations involve minimal physical activity, often leading to health risks.
urbanThe new program will prepare students for urban occupations in construction, information technology, and healthcare.
statusThe study found huge inequalities in status occupations
classThe class occupations were diverse, ranging from doctors and lawyers to teachers and engineers.
dangerousFirefighting, policing and military service are all dangerous occupations
domesticShe works in a range of domestic occupations
dominatedShe dominated occupations like driving ships, biking, and stunt performing.
managerialShe has spent many years in managerial occupations
usefulMy daughter's useful occupations include painting, writing, and gardening.
formerShe handled the work gracefully despite having had former occupations in different fields.
technicalThe report recommends encouraging women to participate in technical occupations
commercialCommercial occupations are the most common in the United States.
peacefulThey were arrested for engaging in peaceful occupations
literaryLiterary occupations include writing, editing, and publishing.
specializedSome specialized occupations require training programs or apprenticeships.
payingThe list of paying occupations is vast.
menialThe menial occupations were ones he'd rather not do.
secondaryWe need to focus on our secondary occupations to supplement our income.
levelThe population of employees engaged in level occupations is increasing rapidly.
civilianMany younger men were given civilian occupations
numerousPeople with numerous occupations often face challenges balancing their work and personal lives.
variedThe company's employees have varied occupations
miscellaneousShe needed a small loan and started working miscellaneous occupations
alternativeThe elderly may have to consider alternative occupations that are less strenuous.
paidPaid occupations come with their own set of benefits.
productiveProductive occupations require a lot of effort and dedication.
nonagriculturalI decided I wanted to work in nonagricultural occupations after graduating.
nontraditionalMany women are employed in nontraditional occupations such as construction and law enforcement.
respectiveThe two men are engrossed in their respective occupations
timeHe engaged in several time occupations during the day.
diversePeople with diverse occupations gathered at the conference.
prestigiousDoctors and lawyers are prestigious occupations
feminineTraditionally, nursing and teaching were considered feminine occupations
mechanicalShe prepared her students well for mechanical occupations
nonmanualThey were employed in nonmanual occupations and had relatively high salaries.
secularHis students are engaged in various secular occupations
laboriousFarming and construction are considered laborious occupations
administrativeAdministrative occupations are usually performed in offices.

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