Adjectives for Occurrence

Adjectives For Occurrence

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing occurrence, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'occurrence' can significantly alter a sentence's impact. Whether an event is 'frequent' or 'rare,' each adjective adds a layer of nuance, painting a vivid picture of how often or in what manner something happens. A 'daily' occurrence suggests routine, while an 'unusual' one implies something out of the ordinary. Moreover, designating an event as an 'actual' occurrence emphasizes its reality, distinguishing it from hypotheticals. Understanding these subtle differences enhances written communication, allowing for more precise and engaging descriptions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives for 'occurrence' to amplify your writing with just the right shade of meaning.
frequentThe frequent occurrence of the word 'and' made the text difficult to read.
commonHer common occurrence was unique.
rare"He harvested eight pineapples in one day," said the vendor who was surprised because it is a rare occurrence in the subtropical climate, even with plenty of sunshine and good soil.
dailyGoing to the park each morning for a walk has become a daily occurrence
unusualThe unusual occurrence of the blue moon left everyone in awe.
actualThe actual occurrence of the event was very different from what was expected.
naturalThe natural occurrence of this phenomenon is very rare.
uncommonThe uncommon occurrence caught everyone by surprise.
everydayIt was an everyday occurrence to see children playing in the park.
widespreadThe widespread occurrence of the disease has made it a major public health concern.
infrequentThe infrequent occurrence of the event made it difficult to predict.
regularThe regular occurrence of this phenomenon has been documented for centuries.
simultaneousTheir simultaneous occurrence forced us to reconsider our plans.
occasionalThe occasional occurrence of extreme weather events is a reminder of the fragility of our environment.
possibleThey discussed the possible occurrence of a hurricane.
familialAccording to the study, there was a strong familial occurrence of the disease.
recentThe recent occurrence of the flood displaced over 500,000 people.
constantThe constant occurrence of errors made the project difficult to complete.
nonThe non occurrence of the expected outcome was a disappointment.
normalAt his age, stomach rumbling was a normal occurrence
similarShe has suffered from several similar occurrences of sinus infections.
allegedThe alleged occurrence was the result of a misunderstanding.
unfortunateThe unfortunate occurrence left me feeling disheartened.
ordinaryThe ordinary occurrence of the celestial bodies in the sky was fascinating.
strangeThe strange occurrence left me bewildered and unsettled.
universalIts universal occurrence is attributed to a representative structure
extraordinaryThe extraordinary occurrence of the eclipse astonished everyone.
seasonalThe seasonal occurrence of the phenomenon is well-documented.
remarkableUpon arriving, we witnessed a remarkable occurrence that immediately piqued our curiosity.
dayI am not sure what you mean by 'day occurrence'. Please elaborate.
unexpectedThe project was halted due to an unexpected occurrence
accidentalHe became a murder suspect after an accidental occurrence
isolatedThis isolated occurrence was particularly puzzling.
sporadicThe sporadic occurrence of the phenomenon made it difficult to study.
suddenThe sudden occurrence of the earthquake caught everyone by surprise.
usualThe usual occurrence of this event is once a year.
wideThe recent earthquake had a wide occurrence in the region.
exceptionalThe exceptional occurrence caused a stir in the normally tranquil community.
mereThe mere occurrence of the event was not enough to establish liability.
uniqueThis unique occurrence is a special event that will only happen once in a lifetime.
earliestThe earliest occurrence of the word 'robot' was in 1921.
spontaneousThe rainfall was an unanticipated spontaneous occurrence
randomThe random occurrence of the event surprised everyone.
jointThe joint occurrence of these events was not surprising.
singularThe singular occurrence of the event was both unexpected and unsettling.
likelyThe likely occurrence of rain this weekend is high.
rarerThe peregrine falcon is becoming a rarer occurrence in the wild due to habitat loss.
unlikelyThe unlikely occurrence of a meteor shower in the middle of July was a rare sight to behold.
sadWe are sending our deepest condolences for the sad occurrence
tragicThe tragic occurrence left a profound scar on the community.
commonplaceThe commonplace occurrence of such incidents has become a cause for concern.
nightlyThe nightly occurrence was something he had grown accustomed to.
eventThe event occurrence was remarkable.
familiarShe was not familiar with the familiar occurrence of nature's fury.

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