Adjectives for Odds

Adjectives For Odds

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing odds, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'odds' when accompanied by adjectives such as 'overwhelming', 'great', 'such', 'heavy', 'long', and 'fearful', can dramatically shift its meaning and intensity. Each adjective brings its own nuance, painting the odds as either daunting or promising. 'Overwhelming odds' implies a Herculean challenge ahead, whereas 'great odds' suggest a favorable chance of success. Similarly, 'heavy odds' can signal an uphill battle, while 'long odds' denote a slim chance of victory, yet not without hope. The specificity provided by these adjectives allows for a richer conversation around probability, success, and the challenges in between. Dive deeper into how these descriptive words color and shape our understanding of odds in the full list below.
overwhelmingWe prevailed despite overwhelming odds
greatThe team defied the great odds and won the championship.
heavyAgainst heavy odds the underdog team managed to pull off a stunning victory.
longThe team won the game despite long odds
fearfulThe adventurers faced fearful odds as they embarked on their quest.
tremendousShe overcame tremendous odds to achieve her goals.
impossibleAgainst impossible odds she triumphed to victory.
fewFew odds and ends were left behind.
insurmountableThe explorers faced insurmountable odds as they set out on their perilous journey.
enormousHelen Keller overcame enormous odds to become a successful author and lecturer.
betterYou have better odds of winning the lottery than meeting a unicorn.
hopelessThe soldiers fought bravely but were ultimately defeated against hopeless odds
greaterThere are greater odds of winning the lottery than being struck by lightning.
terribleShe faced terrible odds to achieve her goals.
formidableDespite formidable odds she persisted.
incredibleThe professor succeeded against incredible odds
considerableHe tried his luck at winning the lottery despite the considerable odds
priorThe prior odds of winning the lottery are very low.
posteriorThe posterior odds were 3 to 1 in favor of the hypothesis.
desperateThe outnumbered soldiers fought against desperate odds
relativeThe relative odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 292 million.
oneOne odds are not even.
numericalThe numerical odds were stacked against them.
immenseHe managed to achieve his goals against immense odds
terrificThe lottery winner overcame terrific odds to claim the grand prize.
superiorThe team had superior odds of winning the game.
difficultThe team faced difficult odds in the competition.
greatestI have the greatest odds of winning the lottery.
fairHe had fair odds to win the game.
favorableThe favorable odds were in our favor, increasing our chances of success.
statisticalThe statistical odds of winning the lottery are incredibly low.
mathematicalThe mathematical odds of winning the lottery are astronomically low.
unfavorableThe hiker faced unfavorable odds when he got lost in the wilderness.
unequalThe contestants played at unequal odds
hugeAgainst huge odds he managed to succeed.
overpoweringDespite the overpowering odds she triumphed over adversity.
mightyAgainst mighty odds the underdog emerged victorious.
longerYour chances of winning the lottery are longer odds than finding a needle in a haystack.
dauntingThe astronaut faced daunting odds as he ventured into the uncharted depths of space.
appallingThe team managed to win against appalling odds
correctIt is crucial to have the correct odds when betting on sports to make informed decisions and increase the chances of success.
heavierThe mission would likely end in failure, but they had to try despite the heavier odds
apparentThe apparent odds of him winning the election were slim.
impliedImplied odds are the odds that a player will have to call a bet in order to have a profitable outcome.
unfairThe unfair odds stacked against him made it almost impossible to succeed.
toughEven against tough odds they managed to succeed.
reasonableWith reasonable odds the team succeeded in their mission.
adverseDespite adverse odds the team managed to clinch the championship.
frightfulHe had arrived alive against all the frightful odds of an unusual accident.
unbelievableI won the lottery against unbelievable odds
astronomicalThe chance of winning the lottery was against astronomical odds

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