Adjectives for Offense

Adjectives For Offense

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing offense, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'offense' takes on different shades of meaning when paired with various adjectives, reflecting the complexity and range of actions it can describe. A 'criminal offense' emphasizes the legality and moral breach involved, while a 'serious offense' highlights the gravity and potential consequences of the act. 'First' and 'second offense' indicate recidivism or the lack thereof, providing insights into the individual's history and perhaps their future. The addition of 'federal' denotes the level of jurisdiction and the scale of legal implication. Each adjective adds a layer of nuance, painting a detailed picture of the event in question. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked to 'offense' to grasp the subtleties they convey.
criminalReckless driving is a criminal offense in most jurisdictions.
seriousThe senator was accused of taking a serious offense at the accusation.
sameThe suspect was arrested for the same offense twice.
firstThe judge decided to give him a light sentence because of his first offense
secondThe defendant was convicted of a second offense and sentenced to a more severe punishment.
federalThe judge ruled that the defendant's actions constituted a federal offense
allegedThe alleged offense was not supported by the evidence.
minor"It's only a minor offense," he lied, but it's enough to get him arrested.
graveThe grave offense committed by the soldier resulted in his immediate dismissal.
separateThe separate offense was a minor one.
punishableMissing the deadline for this assignment is considered a punishable offense
lesserThe defendant was convicted of the lesser offense of theft.
particularCorrecting this particular offense should not be a problem.
thirdHe was arrested for a third offense of driving under the influence.
penalBreaking curfew was a penal offense
indictableThe suspect was charged with an indictable offense
personalI take personal offense to the way you spoke to me.
specificThe referee ordered the player off the field for a specific offense
impeachableThe President was impeached for an impeachable offense
heinousThe criminal had committed a heinous offense and the judge showed no mercy when sentencing him.
moralStealing is a serious moral offense
greaterHis comments caused greater offense than intended.
violentHe was convicted of a violent offense and sentenced to prison.
subsequentHe was arrested for a subsequent offense of driving under the influence.
substantiveThe substantive offense is the crime for which the defendant was convicted.
worstThe worst offense is that of treating a dog badly.
unpardonableThe unpardonable offense of murder was committed in cold blood.
pettyHe was arrested for a petty offense and released on bail.
civilThe careless driver escaped criminal charges, but was found guilty of a civil offense
legalThe defendant was found guilty of a legal offense
statutoryThere was a statutory offense of driving faster than 60 miles per hour within town limits.
greatestMy greatest offense was not learning how to play the guitar when I was younger.
slightestThe slightest offense would set him off into a rage.
trivialThe trivial offense resulted in a minor fine.
mortalUttering such a blasphemous statement would be considered a mortal offense by the church.
grievousThe defendant was found guilty of a grievous offense resulting in a lengthy prison sentence
leastThe plan was met with the least offense
slightI took slight offense at her comment, but I didn't let it bother me.
priorThe defendant received a harsher sentence due to their prior offense
martialHe suffered from both martial offense and defense
relatedThe defendant was charged with a related offense of disorderly conduct.
misdemeanorThe defendant was charged with a misdemeanor offense of disorderly conduct.
unforgivableThey said that his unforgivable offense was stealing from the church.
fourthThe suspect was charged with fourth offense DUI.
likeI thought it was like offense but it was just a joke.
triflingThe trifling offense of speeding cost him his license.
chargedThe defendant was found guilty of a charged offense
distinctThe defendant was charged with a distinct offense that violated the conditions of his probation.
strategicThe team's strategic offense proved to be highly effective in the championship game, leading them to a decisive victory.
underlyingThe prosecutor uncovered other underlying offenses that the defendant had committed.
extraditableThe defendant was charged with an extraditable offense and was extradited to the requesting country.
unnecessaryShe wandered aimlessly, feeling unnecessary offense at the way he had spoken to her.
juvenileThe juvenile offense was a minor crime, but it still had serious consequences.

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