Adjectives for Offerings

Adjectives For Offerings

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing offerings, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The adjectives used with the noun 'offerings' can subtly change its meaning and context, inviting a deeper exploration of intent and significance. Describing offerings as 'burnt' evokes ancient rituals and dedication, while 'votive' emphasizes a promise or a wish. 'Public' offerings suggest community participation, contrasting with the personal nature of 'sacrificial' contributions. 'Initial' offerings hint at beginnings and hope, often used in financial and ceremonial contexts. 'Various' underscores the diversity and breadth of what can be offered. Each adjective paints a unique shade of commitment, value, and purpose behind the offerings. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'offerings' and the nuanced stories they tell.
burntThe priest offered burnt offerings to the gods.
votiveThe votive offerings left at the shrine were a testament to the power of faith.
publicThe company's initial public offerings were a huge success.
sacrificialThe villagers made sacrificial offerings to the gods for a bountiful harvest.
initialThe company raised $100 million in its initial offerings
variousWe offer various offerings to meet the needs of all our customers.
curricularThe new curricular offerings included courses in computer science, engineering, and business.
educationalWe have various educational offerings for our students.
specialThere are special offerings on all of our winter coats this week.
voluntaryThe community contributed voluntary offerings to the temple fund.
richThe vendor booth had rich offerings of flavorful candies.
dailyThe restaurant's daily offerings include a variety of entrees, appetizers, and desserts.
peaceShe brought peace offerings to her angry neighbor.
currentWe are very excited to announce our current offerings for the summer.
floralThe floral offerings were vibrant and fragrant, filling the air with a sweet scent.
regularThe church has regular offerings to support its ministries.
religiousThe people left religious offerings at the shrine.
freewillThe church relies heavily on freewill offerings
graveThe tomb was filled with magnificent grave offerings which attested to the importance of the deceased.
funeraryThe funerary offerings were placed in the tomb to accompany the deceased into the afterlife.
academicThe university is proud of its wide variety of academic offerings
competitiveThe company offers a range of competitive offerings to meet the needs of its customers.
culturalMy city is teeming with cultural offerings such as painting, music, theater, and literature.
costlyI appreciate your costly offerings but I must decline your request.
usualThe store was running low on its usual offerings
propitiatoryThe priests performed propitiatory offerings to appease the angry gods.
sacredThe sacred offerings to the gods were made with great care and reverence.
traditionalThe traditional offerings were placed on the altar.
commercialThe company's commercial offerings include a wide range of products and services.
numerousThe museum boasted numerous offerings from various centuries.
holyThe priest brought the holy offerings to the altar.
musicalThe concert featured a diverse range of musical offerings from classical symphonies to contemporary electronica.
ceremonialThe ceremonial offerings were placed on the altar.
latestThe store proudly displayed its latest offerings
appropriatePlease leave appropriate offerings of flowers and incense.
mealThe priests presented meal offerings to the gods.
secondarySecondary offerings diluted the common stock of a company.
meatThe priest made meat offerings to the gods.
annualThe annual offerings were donated to the local food bank.
generousThe church members submitted generous offerings towards the new building fund.
limitedThe store's limited offerings disappointed the customers.
customaryThe family made the customary offerings and prayed for their ancestors.
valuableThe company provided valuable offerings to its employees.
piousDevotees brought pious offerings to the temple.
online"Shop Now and forget last-minute gift worries with our extensive range of online offerings"
humbleWe gratefully present our humble offerings to the temple.
extensiveThe restaurant boasts extensive offerings catering to various dietary preferences and culinary desires.
drinkThe priests made drink offerings to the gods.
diverseThe restaurant's diverse offerings catered to the various tastes of its patrons.
suitableThe deity only accepted suitable offerings during the ceremony.
elaborateThe temple was decorated with elaborate offerings brought by devout pilgrims.
frequentThe temple's frequent offerings were a testament to the deep faith of its patrons.
liberalThe university's liberal offerings included courses in philosophy, literature, and history.
symbolicThe church receives symbolic offerings from its members.
vocationalThe school's vocational offerings include carpentry, electrical work, and automotive repair.
weeklyThe church relies on weekly offerings to fund its many programs.
occasional"Hello," she said, "I brought some occasional offerings."

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