Adjectives for Office

Adjectives For Office

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing office, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives preceding the noun 'office' can significantly alter its meaning, providing insight into the function, hierarchy, or type of office being referred to. An 'office' isn't just a place of work; it's a space where 'public,' 'high,' 'post,' 'central,' 'local,' and 'political' activities can unfold, each adjective adding a layer of context. For instance, a 'public office' implies governmental functions accessible to the general population, whereas a 'high office' suggests a position of authority and responsibility. Describing an office as 'central' might denote its pivotal role within an organization, highlighting its importance. The nuance brought by these adjectives paints a vivid picture of the office's role, scope, and nature. Continue reading for the full list of adjectives that unveil the multifaceted world of 'office.'
publicSusan was elected to public office in 2018.
highThe newly elected official has achieved high office
postI need to go to the post office to mail a letter.
centralWe need to contact the central office for further instructions.
localThe local office is conveniently located in the heart of the city.
politicalHe ran for political office but was defeated.
mainI need to call the main office to confirm the meeting time.
privateHe had a neat and tidy private office
smallOur small office space was perfect for our team of three.
nationalThe national office is located in New York City.
foreignThe Foreign office is responsible for the UK's diplomatic relations with other countries.
outerThe outer office was filled with employees working diligently at their desks.
frontThe front office staff were very friendly and helpful.
regionalThe regional office is located in New York City.
highestShe is the first woman to run for the highest office
electiveJohn has decided that he wants to run for elective office
dentalI have an appointment at the dental office tomorrow morning.
principalThe principal office of the company is located in New York City.
presidentialThe presidential office was buzzing with activity as the staff prepared for the upcoming meeting.
nearestThe nearest office is located in the city center.
sacredThe sacred office is a place of worship and prayer.
priestlyThe priestly office was not restricted to the sons of Aaron.
executiveThere is an executive office in the building.
innerThe inner office was a hive of activity as the team prepared for the upcoming meeting.
judicialThe judicial office is a position of great responsibility and trust.
administrativeThe administrative office is located in the main building.
ministerialThe Secretary of State for Justice is the UK's most senior minister responsible for the ministerial office
registeredThe company's registered office is located in New York City.
pastoralThe vacancy in the pastoral office was filled by the appointment of a new minister.
federalThe candidate announced his intention to run for a federal office
civilHe had held various civil offices in the past.
holyThe Holy office was a powerful institution in the Catholic Church during the Inquisition.
corporateI had to call into the corporate office to get a copy of my W2.
municipalI am unable to locate the municipal office at this time.
colonialThe colonial office was responsible for the administration of the British colonies.
episcopalThe bishop assumed the episcopal office in 1990.
boxThe movie was a box office success.
tinyI worked in a tiny office with just enough room for my desk and chair.
ecclesiasticalThe priest was ordained to an ecclesiastical office
kinglyHis kingly office gave him an air of authority.
propheticThe pastor's prophetic office includes preaching and teaching the gospel.
divineThe divine office is a book of prayers and readings used by members of the Catholic Church.
chiefThe chief office is in charge of organising the company's finances.
latterAs the former manager, I am confident that I can fulfill the duties of the latter office
permanentI will be working from a permanent office starting next week.
representativeThe company established a representative office in London.
backThe back office team is responsible for processing orders and managing customer accounts.
floorThe floor office was a large, open space with cubicles and desks.
imperialThe imperial office has been vacant for far too long.
emptyI walked into the empty office the silence was deafening.
royalThe king abdicated from his royal office and retreated to a monastery.
vacantThe vacant office seemed to echo with the memories of its former occupants.
temporaryThe company has moved into a temporary office until the renovations are complete.
statewideThe attorney general is the only statewide office with a term longer than four years.
lucrativeHe was offered a lucrative office job at the headquarters.
provincialThe provincial office is responsible for the implementation of government policies in the province.
clericalI worked in a clerical office for five years.
hereditaryThe hereditary office of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg is held by the reigning monarch.
consularI visited the consular office to apply for a visa.
apostolicPeter exercised the apostolic office with a commendable spirit of service.

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