Adjectives for Offices

Adjectives For Offices

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing offices, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe offices can significantly impact the perception of these spaces. A good office suggests efficiency and comfort, imbuing the space with a positive aura. Public offices, on the other hand, emphasize their accessibility and service to the community, while local and regional offices highlight geographical specificity, often indicating a more personalized or focused scope of work. Various offices may suggest diversity in function or design, and administrative offices denote a focus on organizational tasks. Each adjective adds a unique shade of meaning, revealing not just the physical space but also the values and practices within. Discover more adjectives that unveil the multifaceted character of offices below.
goodThe United Nations offered its good offices to mediate the dispute.
publicPublic offices should be open to all qualified citizens.
localThe company has local offices in several states.
regionalWe have several regional offices located throughout the country.
variousWe need to notify various offices about the incident.
administrativeThe administrative offices are located in the west wing of the building.
highHe has held high offices both at the state and federal levels.
severalThere are several offices in the building.
importantThe decision was made by a group of important offices
highestThe President and Vice President are the highest offices in the United States.
centralThe central offices were located in the heart of the city.
politicalHe held several political offices throughout his career.
postI need to go to one of the post offices to buy some stamps.
mostMost offices are closed on weekends.
municipalThe municipal offices are located downtown.
privateThe company offers private offices for its employees.
civilMany of the civil offices involved in the Revolutionary War were later redesigned.
respectiveThe respective offices will be notified of any changes or updates.
nationalWe have national offices in multiple countries.
foreignMany foreign offices issued travel advisories for their citizens.
electiveThe governor and lieutenant governor are elected to four-year terms in partisan elections for their respective elective offices
higherShe aspires to run for higher offices in the future.
federalShe sent an email to her colleagues in other federal offices
corporateThe company's corporate offices are located in the heart of the city.
minorThe minor offices were filled with middle-ranking bureaucrats.
principalThe company's principal offices are located in the heart of the city.
representativeThe company has representative offices in several countries.
additionalThe company has opened additional offices in several major cities.
ecclesiasticalThe clergyman presided over the ecclesiastical offices and granted absolution to the congregation.
judicialSeveral judicial offices were vacant.
numerousNumerous offices were closed due to the holiday.
provincialThe provincial offices are located in the capital city.
dentalDental offices are specialized facilities that provide oral healthcare services.
friendlyWe hope to settle this matter in our friendly offices and avoid going to court.
separateThe company has separate offices in different cities.
governmentalThe governmental offices were closed for the holiday.
chiefThe chief offices are located in the city centre.
overseasOur company has several overseas offices in different countries.
subordinateThe company has subordinate offices in several major cities.
menialShe accepted the menial offices because she needed the money.
executiveI went inside the company's executive offices
domesticHe works in one of the company's several domestic offices
editorialThe editorial offices of the newspaper were located in a bustling downtown building.
consularNumerous countries have consular offices in Hong Kong.
ministerialThe churches had provided many of the ministerial offices
statisticalThe United Kingdom's Office for National Statistics and the United States Census Bureau are two examples of statistical offices
divineThe divine offices are a part of the daily prayer life of the Roman Catholic Church.
lucrativeThe company offered its employees lucrative offices with many amenities.
smallerOur smaller offices are equipped with the latest technology.
sacredThe sacred offices of the church were entrusted to him.
congressionalWe have been working with congressional offices to implement new legislation.
illHe tried to use his ill offices to influence the outcome of the election.
remoteThe company's remote offices have allowed employees to continue working during the pandemic.
lesserHe held various lesser offices before he was elected governor.
appointiveElected officials are voted into office, while appointive offices are filled by the president or other elected officials.
priestlyThe priestly offices in the temple were held by the sons of Aaron.
temporaryWe are using temporary offices until the new building is ready.
departmentalThe departmental offices have been closed due to the weather.
statewideThe petition sought to gather signatures to qualify three initiatives for the statewide offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General.
vacantA row of vacant offices stretched down the deserted hallway.
subThe company opened several sub offices in different cities.

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