Adjectives for Official

Adjectives For Official

Discover the most fitting adjectives for 'official,' such as public, high, senior, and former. Enhance your writing by exploring how these adjectives bring precision and clarity to descriptions of official roles and statuses. Perfect for professionals and writers aiming for accuracy in their language.

publicThe public official announced that he will run for office again.
highThe high official gave a speech at the ceremony.
seniorThe senior official was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company.
formerThe former official was accused of corruption.
localThe local official spoke to the press about the recent incident.
rankingThe ranking official praised the team's efforts.
britishThe British official was very polite.
importantThe important official made a speech to the crowd.
topThe top official was arrested for corruption.
minorThe minor official was responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the department.
americanThe American official said that the country is committed to working with its partners to promote peace and security in the region.
highestThe highest official in the company is the CEO.
chiefThe chief official presided over the meeting with great authority.
chineseThe Chinese official released a statement on the recent trade talks.
responsibleThe responsible official was not available for comment.
frenchThe French official spoke to the press.
administrativeThe administrative official reviewed the new employee's paperwork.
sovietThe soviet official did not want to talk about the incident.
federalThe federal official held a meeting with local leaders to discuss the economic needs of the community.
royalThe royal official announced the king's arrival.
prominentHe was a prominent official in the government.
germanThe German official praised the country's strong economy.
colonialThe colonial official was responsible for the administration of the colony.
romanThe roman official inspected the new forum.
levelThe level official will be attending the conference.
civilThe civil official was responsible for the administration of the province.
englishThe english official was very friendly.
japaneseThe Japanese official spoke in a calm and measured tone.
permanentThe permanent official was not available for comment.
russianThe Russian official admitted that the meeting did not go as planned.
properThe proper official sent a letter to the company's headquarters.
indianThe Indian official will visit the United States next week.
consularThe consular official helped me to get a visa.
appropriateAll requests must be made to the appropriate official
spanishThe Spanish official spoke with great eloquence.
subordinateHe wanted to climb up ranks and become more than just a subordinate official
timeThe time official signaled the start of the race.
retiredThe retired official led a quiet life in the countryside.
powerfulThe powerful official played a key role in the negotiations.
executiveThe executive official met with the foreign delegation to discuss trade relations.
municipalThe municipal official announced the new park hours.
juniorThe junior official timidly knocked on the door of the senior executive.
provincialThe provincial official was in charge of collecting taxes and administering the local government.
turkishThe Turkish official spoke to the press about the recent developments.
egyptianThe Egyptian official was responsible for overseeing the construction of the pyramids.
imperialThe imperial official visited the village to collect taxes.
governmentalThe governmental official spoke at the conference.
mexicanThe mexican official spoke at a press conference.
dutchThe Dutch official was very polite and helpful.
nativeThe native official was fluent in many different languages.
keyThe key official met with the foreign dignitary to discuss the peace treaty.
civilianThe civilian official was tasked with overseeing the reconstruction efforts.
israeliThe Israeli official spoke on condition of anonymity.
unnamedAn unnamed official said that the meeting was canceled.
salariedHe was a salaried official who earned a comfortable living.
honestThe honest official was respected by everyone in the village.
competentThe competent official approved the request.
canadianThe Canadian official stated that the new policy would be beneficial to all citizens.
judicialThe judicial official announced the verdict of the case.
prussianThe Prussian official was responsible for overseeing the administration of the province.
diplomaticThe diplomatic official skillfully negotiated the peace treaty.
electiveThe elective official was elected to represent the people of the district.
superiorI need to discuss this matter with my superior official
postalThe postal official weighed and labeled the packages.
ableThe able official was able to resolve the conflict peacefully.
experiencedThe experienced official skilfully navigated the complex negotiation.
distinguishedThe distinguished official attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

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