Adjectives for Omissions

Adjectives For Omissions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing omissions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuanced role of adjectives when paired with the noun 'omissions' reveals a fascinating landscape of implication and intent. Adjectives such as 'important', 'significant', and 'few' can change the weight or perception of what is being omitted, indicating not just the presence of omissions, but their impact and scale. 'Certain omissions', for instance, suggests specificity and intentionality, whereas 'many omissions' may hint at carelessness or overwhelming complexity. Each combination forms a unique shade of meaning, highlighting the artful precision required in communication. Delve into the full list of adjectives to uncover more layers and insights into the diverse implications of 'omissions'.
suchJohn criticized the report, citing such omissions as the lack of data.
manyThe students have many omissions
importantThe report was full of important omissions
fewHer arguments, with few omissions were well-structured, intelligent and concise.
significantThe report contained significant omissions
seriousThe auditors found serious omissions in the financial statements.
obviousThe recent poll results showed obvious omissions in the data.
minorThe book had minor omissions but it was still enjoyable.
notableThe list of attendees included several notable omissions
majorThe report contained major omissions rendering it largely ineffective.
numerousThe report contained numerous omissions
inadvertentOur research highlighted several inadvertent omissions in the initial report.
possibleCare must be taken to avoid possible omissions
deliberateThe report contained deliberate omissions of key findings.
similarDespite similar omissions the two accounts given by the police are completely different.
accidentalI apologize for the accidental omissions in my earlier message.
unintentionalThe report included a number of unintentional omissions
occasionalThe report included occasional omissions of important data.
pastThe company learned from its past omissions and is now focused on improving its performance.
surprisingThe list of attendees had some surprising omissions
frequentThe frequent omissions indicated that the student was not fully understanding the material.
glaringThe report was criticized for its glaring omissions and biased conclusions.
curiousThe historian listed all the events in chronological order, with some curious omissions
intentionalThe minutes of the meeting included intentional omissions
inevitableThe inevitable omissions in the report were due to the lack of available data.
considerableThe report was criticized for its considerable omissions
strikingThe report contained several striking omissions
strangeThe letter was full of strange omissions
necessaryDue to necessary omissions the report was incomplete.
apparentThe financial report may contain apparent omissions of crucial information.
graveThere were grave omissions in his work.
conspicuousHer list of recent purchases had some conspicuous omissions like the new video game system she'd been eyeing.
remarkableThe document was notable for its remarkable omissions of key information.
unavoidableThere were several unavoidable omissions from the report.
substantialThe document contained substantial omissions making it difficult to understand the full context of the situation.
fewerThe essay had relatively fewer omissions and errors.
regrettableThe history books were revised, and all mentions of him were replaced by regrettable omissions
unfortunateThe history book contained unfortunate omissions that distorted the true events.
mereThe mere omissions in the story were more telling than the explicit details.
carelessThe report was riddled with careless omissions
criminalThe prosecutor accused the accused of several criminal omissions
followingThe following omissions are as follows.
crucialThe report contained crucial omissions leaving out key facts that would have significantly altered its conclusions.
interestingThe article had interesting omissions regarding the suspect's background.
extensiveThe report was criticized for its extensive omissions of relevant information.
grossThe report was criticized for its gross omissions
judiciousThe judicious omissions in the report left room for interpretation.
illegalThe investigation uncovered illegal omissions in the financial reports.
consistentNot everything could be discovered from his consistent omissions
noticeableThe report had noticeable omissions
editorialThe report included some editorial omissions such as a lack of detail or evidence.
negligentThe recent disasters have highlighted negligent omissions in our safety protocols.
innumerableThe document was riddled with innumerable omissions
vitalThe report contained vital omissions that undermined its credibility.
textualThe document had several textual omissions
systematicThe report cited systematic omissions in the data.
oddThe board members, despite their odd omissions unanimously approved the motion.
consciousShe made numerous conscious omissions throughout her retelling of the story.
triflingHe was unaware of the trifling omissions in his report.
noteworthyRevised listings with noteworthy omissions are published weekly and are available free on request by post
selectiveThe selective omissions in his account raised suspicions.
arbitraryI appreciate all the arbitrary omissions in this sentence.
inexplicableThe report contained inexplicable omissions that raised many questions.
involuntaryThe patient's involuntary omissions such as forgetting names and appointments, were symptoms of their advancing dementia.
extraordinaryThe article contained many shocking facts but somehow also featured some extraordinary omissions
unintendedThere were unintended omissions in the report.

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