Adjectives for One

Adjectives For One

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing one, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany the noun 'one' can significantly alter the nuanced meaning of a sentence. For instance, describing something as the 'only one' emphasizes its uniqueness and singularity, while 'second one' introduces a sense of sequence or comparison. Words like 'more one' can suggest an addition or continuation, whereas 'old one' might refer to something aged or previously known. The choice of 'third one' or 'thirty one' further injects a sense of order or quantity, demonstrating how even slight changes in adjectives can impart different shades of interpretation. Dive into our full list to discover how each adjective unravels unique facets of the noun 'one'.
onlyThe apple is the only one of the fruits that doesn't rot quickly.
secondShe took the second one from the top.
oldI prefer the old one to the new one.
thirdBring me the third one please.
thirtyThe sum of the next thirty one numbers is 496.
seventyThe old man had seventy one years.
bestThe best one is the one that fits your needs.
twentyThe band Twenty one Pilots has won several Grammy Awards.
largerThe larger one is more expensive than the smaller one.
betterLife is about quality, not quantity. It is better one perfect day than a lifetime of emptiness.
olderThe older one is wiser.
smallerWhen choosing between the two boxes, select the smaller one
fiftyFifty one students attended the lecture yesterday.
youngerMy younger one is four years old.
bigI hope that wasn't the big one
previousHer smile was even brighter than the previous one
correctPlease select the correct one
upperThe upper one is better than the lower one.
sixtyThe team scored sixty one points in the game.
earlierIt's an earlier one but it still works.
longerThis is a longer one
partPart one is the beginning of something.
deadThe dead one lay still on the ground.
fortyI have forty one dollars in my pocket.
fourthHer fourth one was too long ago.
middleThe middle one is often the best one.
fairLook, fair one I have been here before.
closerThe closer one gets to the truth, the more difficult it becomes.
obviousThe obvious one is the best one.
threeHe asked me to meet him at three one zero.
tallI saw a tall one in the garden.
agedThe old man, aged one hundred, still enjoyed taking walks.
outsideThe outside one was the largest.

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