Adjectives for Openings

Adjectives For Openings

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing openings, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe openings can significantly alter the perception of a space or opportunity. A small opening might evoke feelings of intimacy or limitation, while a large one suggests accessibility and freedom. Several openings can give a sense of variety or complexity, contrasting with the simplicity or scarcity implied by a few. An arched opening adds an element of elegance and tradition, whereas a narrow one might introduce a sense of challenge or focus. Each adjective carries with it a myriad of nuances, influencing how we visualize and interpret openings in different contexts. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives for a deeper understanding below.
smallThere were many small openings in the wall.
largeThe room has large openings that let in plenty of sunlight.
severalMy favorite park has several openings for summer jobs.
archedThe arched openings of the grand hall echoed with the sound of laughter and music.
fewThere were few openings in the tiny apartment.
narrowThe narrow openings in the cave made it difficult to navigate.
externalThe external openings of her skull were generously open.
numerousMy aching body needed physiotherapy, so I scoured the net for physiotherapy clinics with numerous openings
circularThe circular openings on the side of the building allow for ventilation.
largerThe cell had larger openings that allowed for better drainage.
wideThe building had wide openings for windows and doors.
smallerThe smaller openings were difficult to see.
likeHe came down the stairs like openings in a waterfall
rectangularThe building's facade featured rectangular openings that allowed for ample natural light.
minuteThey stood in the doorway, peering through the minute openings in the darkness.
tinyThe tiny openings in the fabric allowed light to filter through.
squareThe walls had square openings like windows.
shapedThe windows of stained glass had oddly shaped openings
multipleThe rusty hinge creaked open, revealing multiple openings leading to unknown destinations.
undergroundThe cave had numerous underground openings that led to various chambers.
roundThe walls were adorned with round openings that let in the sunlight.
separateThe two rooms were separated by separate openings
possibleI am excited because there are many possible openings for this position.
nasalThe nasal openings are located at the top of the nose.
verticalThe building featured vertical openings that spanned multiple floors.
internalThe internal openings of the skull are the foramen magnum, the foramen ovale, and the foramen rotundum.
suitableThe restaurant had suitable openings for evening service.
availableThere are currently available openings for positions within our marketing department.
lateralThe cellar had lateral openings on both sides.
ovalThe oval openings in the wall allowed for a clear view of the street outside.
lightThe architect designed the building with several light openings to maximize natural illumination.
occasionalDuring the pandemic, the restaurant had occasional openings for takeout orders.
headedRescue workers searched the headed openings and pulled out everybody.
annualWe are expecting 20 annual openings this year.
roughThe rough openings for the windows were cut out of the wood frame.
inchThe small inch openings allowed for a limited view of the outside.
horizontalThe horizontal openings of the cave were barely wide enough for a person to crawl through.
irregularThe irregular openings on the surface of the rock were caused by erosion.
grandThe grand openings of the new stores were a huge success.
fewerThe job market for engineers has fewer openings than last year.
widerThe bridge had wider openings to accommodate larger boats.
exteriorThe exterior openings of the building were boarded up.
sizedThe shelves had various sized openings to accommodate different items.
permanentThe hotel has several permanent openings for staff in different roles.
temporaryTemporary openings are available throughout the summer.
grassyWe came across a few deer grazing in the grassy openings
abnormalThe doctor found abnormal openings during the examination.
triangularThe triangular openings allowed the natural light to flood inside.
gillThe fish had small gill openings on either side of its head.
frequentThe frequent openings and closings of the door made it difficult to concentrate.
artificialDoctors created artificial openings in his abdomen for drainage tubes.
frontThe front openings of the oven allow for easy access to the food.

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