Adjectives for Opera

Adjectives For Opera

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing opera, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives paired with the noun 'opera' reveals a rich tapestry of musical and cultural layers. Descriptors like 'comic' and 'Italian' imbue the content with specific expectations—humor or geographical origin, respectively. Words such as 'grand' elevate the scale and spectacle, suggesting a lavish production. Conversely, 'new' hints at modern interpretations or compositions, challenging traditional norms. 'French,' much like 'Italian,' points to the influence of national traditions on the opera's character. Each adjective not only modifies but also enriches our understanding of opera, opening windows to diverse narratives and productions. Dive deeper to discover the full array of adjectives and the unique stories they tell about the world of opera.
comicThe comic opera was a hit with audiences of all ages.
italianThe italian opera is a form of opera that originated in Italy.
grandThe grand opera was a resounding success, captivating the audience with its soaring melodies and dramatic storytelling.
firstI went to see my first opera last night.
newThe new opera was a huge success.
germanThe german opera singer gave a beautiful performance at the concert hall.
lightThe light opera was a delightful and entertaining performance.
englishThe english opera is a form of musical theater that combines music and drama.
chineseThe audience was enthralled by the colorful costumes and elaborate makeup of the Chinese opera
lastI saw my last opera in 2019.
seriousThe serious opera was performed with great passion and skill.
modernThe modern opera with its emphasis on experimental techniques and contemporary subject matter, has gained a significant following in recent years.
americanThe American opera is a form of opera that originated in the United States.
wholeThe whole opera was a triumph.
romanticThe romantic opera 'La Traviata' is a masterpiece of the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi.
popularThe popular opera is now on tour in Europe.
wagnerianThe wagnerian opera had a thunderous overture and a soaring melody.
centuryThe century opera was a success.
nationalThe national opera is a great place to see a performance.
russianThe performance of the Russian opera was outstanding.
traditionalThe traditional opera has a rich history dating back centuries.
entireThe entire opera was broadcast live on the radio.
successfulThe successful opera drew rave reviews from critics.
famousThe famous opera was performed by the renowned tenor.
favoriteThe Magic Flute has always been my favorite opera
baroqueThe baroque opera includes many features, such as extravagant costumes, elaborate sets, and complex music.
tragicThe tragic opera moved the audience to tears.
classicalThe classical opera was performed by a world-renowned orchestra.
cantoneseThe Cantonese opera singer had a beautiful voice.
contemporaryI attended a performance of contemporary opera last night.
balladThe ballad opera is a type of musical theatre that combines spoken dialogue with songs.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary opera was a powerful force for change in the country.
latestThe latest opera I saw was absolutely captivating.
venetian"La Calisto," a Venetian opera premiered at the Teatro San Cassiano in 1708.
dramaticThe dramatic opera captivated the audience with its emotional intensity.
daytimeMy grandmother loves watching daytime opera on TV.
favouriteWhat is your favourite opera and why?
unfinishedThe composer left behind an unfinished opera
knownHer known opera was in English.
burlesqueThe burlesque opera was a huge success.
charmingThe charming opera captivated the audience with its beautiful melodies and captivating story.
fairyThe fairy opera transported the audience to a mystical realm.
spanishI can't believe I'm going to see a Spanish opera tonight.
heroicThe heroic opera with its grand themes and epic battles, has captivated audiences for centuries.
celebratedThe celebrated opera was a huge success.
classicThe classic opera resonated throughout the grand hall.
finestThe finest opera I have ever seen was Tosca.
czechThe Czech opera composer Bedřich Smetana composed The Bartered Bride.
sacredThe sacred opera was performed in the cathedral.
pastoralThe pastoral opera is a musical genre that originated in the late 16th century.
genuineThe genuine opera was performed by a world-renowned company.
polishThe Polish opera 'Halka' was composed by Stanislaw Moniuszko.

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