Adjectives for Operation

Adjectives For Operation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing operation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe an \
successfulThe successful operation was completed without any complications.
normalThe system is back to normal operation
wholeWe have to shut down the whole operation for maintenance.
fullThe factory is now in full operation
efficientThe team worked diligently to ensure the efficient operation of the machinery.
continuousThe machines are designed to withstand continuous operation
actualThe actual operation took longer than anticipated.
surgicalThe patient underwent a successful surgical operation to remove the cancerous tumor.
militaryThe military operation was a success, with minimal casualties.
entireThe entire operation took place in a matter of minutes.
internationalThe company's international operations have been expanding rapidly.
properThe proper operation of the engine is essential for the smooth functioning of the car.
simpleThe simple operation was completed quickly and efficiently.
majorThe patient underwent a major operation on his heart.
effectiveThe effective operation of the new system was evident within the first week of implementation.
economicThe company's economic operation is very good.
nonMany of the shops in the town were closed due to non operation that day.
activeThe company is currently in active operation
closeThe close operation is not supported.
practicalThe practical operation of the system revealed several design flaws.
safeEnsure safe operation of equipment and machinery.
smoothThe smooth operation of the machine was a testament to its high quality.
immediateThe doctor required immediate operation to save the patient's life.
commercialThe commercial operation of the new plant is expected to begin in early 2023.
jointThe joint operation between the two companies was a huge success.
difficultThe difficult operation was performed flawlessly by the surgeon.
radicalThe radical operation removed the malignant tumor.
continuedThe company continued operation after the merger.
scaleThe map scale operation is used to change the size of the map.
satisfactoryThe satisfactory operation of the equipment was confirmed during the inspection.
dayThe day operation of the business was very successful.
delicateThe delicate operation required the utmost precision.
automaticThe machine is designed for automatic operation
manualThe factory worker was instructed to follow the manual operation procedure.
correctThe correct operation of the machine ensures its longevity.
regionalThe company's regional operation is located in the Midwest.
complexThe complex operation was successfully completed.
stableThe software's stable operation ensures a reliable and consistent user experience.
subsequentThe subsequent operation was a complete success.
mechanicalThe mechanical operation was completed successfully.
overallThe overall operation of the system was efficient and reliable.
technicalThe technical operation was successful.
profitableThe company's profitable operation has been a major factor in its success.
logicalShe used logical operations to solve the riddle.
parallelThe system can do parallel operation on multiple tasks.
dailyThe daily operation of the company is running smoothly.
reliableThe machine has a reliable operation in all situations.
arithmeticThe arithmetic operation was simple addition.
mutualOur mutual operation is going smoothly.
abdominalThe abdominal operation was successful, and the patient is now recovering well.
routineThe routine operation was completed without any errors.
minorThe minor operation was successful.
extensiveDue to the extensive operation of the production line, potential hazards should be eliminated beforehand.
amphibiousThe amphibious operation was conducted with precision and efficiency.
expensiveThe expensive operation scared away investors.

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