Adjectives for Opinion

Adjectives For Opinion

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing opinion, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'opinion' can deeply affect the message's impact and tone. A 'public opinion' evokes a sense of widespread communal belief, while one's 'own opinion' emphasizes individuality and personal stance. 'General opinion' suggests a consensus or a majority's view, contrasting with a 'good opinion,' which conveys approval or favorability. Similarly, 'popular opinion' usually refers to what is trending or widely accepted, whereas a 'high opinion' indicates great respect or esteem. Each adjective nuances the noun 'opinion' in subtle, yet significant ways, inviting readers to consider the implications of their word choices. Explore the full list of adjectives to master the art of precision in your expressions.
publicPublic opinion is the collective attitudes and beliefs of a group of people.
ownI have my own opinion on the matter.
generalThe general opinion is that the movie was excellent.
goodHe has a good opinion on his new job.
popularIn popular opinion cats are preferable to dogs.
highI have a high opinion of his work ethic.
americanThe American opinion on the matter is clear.
personalIn my personal opinion the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in it.
expertIn the expert opinion the plan will not succeed.
commonIn common opinion this was the best pizza in town.
currentThe current opinion is that the economy is improving.
contraryDespite contrary opinion he held his ground.
britishThe British opinion on the matter was not very positive.
humbleIn my humble opinion this is the best decision.
privateI have the right to express my own private opinion
medicalThe patient sought a second medical opinion before undergoing surgery.
legalI sought legal opinion before making a decision.
unanimousTo everyone's surprise, the jury reached a unanimous opinion within a few hours.
favourableI have a favourable opinion of the new restaurant.
professionalBased on my professional opinion I believe that the plan is not feasible.
favorableThe company has a favorable opinion among customers.
advisoryThe advisory opinion was not binding on the lower court.
criticalThe critical opinion on the film was highly positive.
informedThe shareholders made an informed opinion on the CEO's proposal.
mereThis argument is a mere opinion unsupported by facts.
honestI would like to hear your honest opinion about the new design.
contemporaryHer contemporary opinion clashed with the prevailing orthodoxy.
indianIndian opinion is an important part of the American landscape.
officialThe official opinion is that the new policy is beneficial.
liberalThe author's liberal opinion bias is evident in their writing.
falseIt is a false opinion that the Earth is flat.
judicialThe judicial opinion was written by Justice Scalia.
latterThe latter opinion seems more plausible to me.
enlightenedThe enlightened opinion on this matter is that we should proceed with caution.
universalThe universal opinion is that crime is wrong.
receivedThe received opinion is that the economy is improving.
prevalentIn many ways, the prevalent opinion is not based on fact.
erroneousMy erroneous opinion led me to believe that the earth was flat.
adverseThe court expressed an adverse opinion on the defendant's motion.
correctThe correct opinion is the one that is based on facts.
conservativeThe conservative opinion is that the government should have limited involvement in the economy.
firmShe had a firm opinion on the matter.
massThe mass opinion was that the president should resign.
scholarlyThe scholarly opinion on this topic is still divided.
widespreadThe widespread opinion is that this is a bad idea.
candidShe gave her candid opinion on the matter.
consideredThe judge listened attentively to the considered opinion of the jury.
probableThe probable opinion is that the bill will pass.
heldEveryone held opinions that were different than mine.
deliberateShe gave a deliberate opinion on the subject.
unfavorableI have an unfavorable opinion of your work.
intelligentHer intelligent opinion was respected by her colleagues.
unfavourableThe team's recent performance has led to an unfavourable opinion among fans.

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