Adjectives for Opinions

Adjectives For Opinions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing opinions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the fascinating world of opinions through adjectives unveils the complexity and depth they carry. The adjective 'own' personalizes, bringing a sense of individuality and possession, while 'different' highlights diversity and the spectrum of thought. 'Political' and 'religious' adjectives navigate opinions through the intricate landscapes of belief systems and governance, indicating not just personal stances but also societal alignments. The use of 'such' and 'various' expands this universe, hinting at the limitless variations and nuances that opinions can embody. Each adjective shapes our understanding in subtle, yet profound ways, opening doors to new perspectives and discussions. Dive into the full list of adjectives to explore the intricate ways they color and define opinions.
ownEveryone has their own opinions so it's important to be respectful of others' viewpoints.
differentPeople with different opinions had a heated debate.
politicalShe doesn't want to talk about politics anymore because her political opinions are different from his.
religiousPeople have their own religious opinions
suchI will not tolerate such opinions
variousThe group had various opinions on the topic of climate change
personalIt is wise to consider various personal opinions before making a decision.
individualPeople have diverse individual opinions about many things.
conflictingConflicting opinions on the matter made it difficult to reach a consensus.
divergentThe meeting was unproductive because of the divergent opinions of the attendees.
judicialThe judge issued several judicial opinions on the matter.
legalThe legal opinions of the judge were based on the evidence presented in court.
advisoryThe Supreme Court issues advisory opinions on matters of law.
privateShe expressed her private opinions about the matter.
diverseThe meeting brought together people with diverse opinions leading to a lively discussion.
expertWe sought expert opinions on the matter before making a decision.
similarPeople with similar opinions often find themselves in agreement.
liberalI strongly advocate for liberal opinions and policies that promote equality, justice, and freedom for all
erroneousThe erroneous opinions spread quickly throughout the community.
theologicalThe debate over theological opinions has been going on for centuries.
contradictoryPeople often hold contradictory opinions on important issues.
contraryPeople with contrary opinions often find it difficult to have constructive discussions.
currentCurrent opinions suggest that the economy will improve in the next quarter.
goldenShe has won golden opinions from everyone with her friendly demeanor.
preconceivedIt's important to avoid making judgments based on preconceived opinions
criticalThe article presented critical opinions on the new policy.
extremeThe meeting went off the rails due to extreme opinions
separateThe team members had separate opinions on the best course of action.
definiteJeremy had definite opinions about music and would argue with anyone who disagreed with him.
popularPopular opinions often reflect the prevailing attitudes and beliefs of a society at a particular time.
speculativeMy speculative opinions about this topic are based on a variety of factors.
negativeMany people have negative opinions about social media.
philosophicalSally and her friend eagerly argued about philosophical opinions
formerI have already changed my former opinions
mereThose are mere opinions and not the facts.
peculiarMy peculiar opinions often raise eyebrows during conversations.
subjectiveDifferent people have different subjective opinions about the same issue.
honestI value your honest opinions
professionalThe board sought professional opinions before making a decision.
favorableThe company enjoyed favorable opinions from customers.
correctThe most correct opinions are those based on facts and reason.
wrongThere are wrong opinions on the internet.
unpopularUnpopular opinions can also be valid and should be respected.
receivedI am not interested in your received opinions
heterodoxThe professor had a reputation for holding heterodox opinions
advancedHe expressed his advanced opinions on the matter.
contemporaryThe contemporary opinions on this topic are diverse and complex.
adverseIndividuals with adverse opinions should be treated with respect and understanding.
fixedHer fixed opinions on the matter made it difficult to have a productive discussion.
conservativeShe is widely known for her conservative opinions
moderateHis moderate opinions seemed to provide the necessary balance between the two extremes.
respectiveI respect the respective opinions of my colleagues.
variedPeople have varied opinions about the new restaurant.
soundI value the sound opinions of my trusted advisors.
expressThey were able to express opinions without fear of reprisal
firmHe had firm opinions about what was right and wrong.
controversialExpressing controversial opinions can lead to heated debates.

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