Adjectives for Opponents

Adjectives For Opponents

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing opponents, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives used with 'opponents' enriches our perspective on competition and rivalry. Whether describing 'political opponents' in a debate, acknowledging the 'many opponents' in a field, highlighting the 'chief opponent' in a particular challenge, preparing for 'potential opponents' in future endeavors, or navigating conflicts with 'conservative' or 'bitter opponents', each adjective unveils unique dynamics. These descriptors not only provide insight into the nature and intensity of opposition but also hint at the strategies and emotions involved. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to discover more about the intricate relationships defined by competition and opposition.
politicalThe two political opponents debated heatedly on national television.
manyThe politician faced many opponents during the election.
chiefThe chief opponents argued fiercely on the proposed changes to the law.
potentialWe must always be aware of potential opponents
conservativeThe conservative opponents of the bill argued that it would lead to higher taxes.
bitterThe two politicians were bitter opponents who rarely agreed on anything.
formidableOur formidable opponents put up a valiant fight.
formerThe former opponents sat down to discuss common ground.
powerfulShe had to face two powerful opponents in the boxing ring.
bitterestThe bitterest opponents can become the closest of friends.
democraticThe democratic opponents are getting ready for the debate.
principalThe principal opponents in the debate were the incumbent and the challenger.
strongestThe strongest opponents were defeated in the final round.
republicanRepublican opponents of the stimulus plan argued that it was too expensive and would lead to higher taxes.
domesticThe government faces increasing pressure from domestic opponents
mainThey called for boycotting companies that were main opponents to the strike.
activeThe group has some active opponents
strongThe opposition party became strong opponents of the proposed legislation.
vocalThe vocal opponents of the new policy were very vocal in their criticism.
ideologicalThe two ideological opponents argued passionately about their beliefs.
radicalShe encountered radical opponents protesting her appearance.
religiousSome religious opponents criticized the show's depiction of polygamy.
outspokenThe outspoken opponents criticized the plan relentlessly.
dangerousThe skilled fighters faced dangerous opponents in the deadly tournament.
numerousThe candidate faced numerous opponents in the election.
prominentThere were prominent opponents to the bill.
congressionalDespite being unable to satisfy their congressional opponents the president pushed the legislation forward.
vigorousDespite vigorous opponents the bill was passed with a large majority.
christianDespite significant christian opponents the bill was successfully passed.
wingWe need to wing opponents to see what it's like to be in the air.
theologicalTheological opponents debated the finer points of the doctrine for centuries.
ardentThe team encountered ardent opponents who vehemently resisted their efforts.
fiercestThe fiercest opponents often form the strongest bonds.
orthodoxThe Church encountered resistance from orthodox opponents
catholicThe Catholic opponents of the bill argued that it violated religious freedom.
vociferousThe vociferous opponents of the plan made their voices heard at the town hall meeting.
extremeThe two extreme opponents debated fiercely about the issue.
moderateWe prefer to work with moderate opponents rather than extreme ones.
southernHe said he had support around the country, other than from his southern opponents
maleThe male opponents fought fiercely.
contemporaryThe contemporary opponents of the government are mainly composed of small parties and independent candidates.
vehementThe vehement opponents made a fiery statement against the new policy.
armedThe police were met with armed opponents who refused to surrender.
whigThe Whig opponents accused him of corrupt use of the spoils system.
staunchThe two countries have long been staunch opponents in the region.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary opponents debated the issue for hours.
philosophicalHe engaged in a spirited debate with his philosophical opponents during the conference.
strenuousThe strenuous opponents finally agreed to a compromise.
fierceThe two fierce opponents battled each other with all their might.
zealousThe zealous opponents vehemently protested the proposed legislation.
clericalThe clerical opponents were outraged by the decision.
implacableThey were implacable opponents never wavering in their determination to destroy one another.
earliestThe earliest opponents of the theory were French anatomist Georges Cuvier and British geologist William Buckland.
staunchestThe staunchest opponents of the bill were the environmentalists.
erstwhileThe erstwhile opponents discussed their differences over coffee.
uncompromisingThe uncompromising opponents refused to compromise despite the overwhelming evidence.
resoluteShe faced her resolute opponents with unwavering determination.

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