Adjectives for Opportunity

Adjectives For Opportunity

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing opportunity, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an opportunity can deeply influence the perception of its value and potential. A first opportunity sets the stage for uniqueness and precedence, offering an unrivaled chance to make an impact. An equal opportunity speaks to fairness and inclusivity, inviting a wider audience to partake. Describing an opportunity as little might diminish its perceived worth, yet suggests a low-risk entry point. A good opportunity is universally appealing, promising positive outcomes, while a great one elevates expectations even further. Labeling an opportunity as ample highlights its generous scope and potential for growth. Each adjective shapes the narrative differently, painting a picture full of possibilities. For more insights into how adjectives can enrich your understanding of opportunities, explore the full list below.
firstI will take the first opportunity to visit my grandparents.
equalEveryone has equal opportunity for education and employment.
littleThere was little opportunity for her to succeed
goodI'm so grateful for this good opportunity
greatThis is a great opportunity for you to grow.
ampleThe ample opportunity for questions at the end of the speech was appreciated by all.
educationalThe scholarship provided me with an excellent educational opportunity to pursue my studies further at a renowned university.
excellentThis is an excellent opportunity to advance your career.
uniqueThis unique opportunity may never come again.
goldenJake saw a golden opportunity to seize and took it with both hands.
moreWorking from home offers more opportunity to focus on my work.
earliestWe will notify you at the earliest opportunity
economicThe expansion of economic opportunity is crucial for the development of any nation.
greaterWith greater opportunity comes greater responsibility.
betterShe got a better opportunity in the new company.
bestThis is the best opportunity to invest in the stock market.
favourableNew approaches made the favourable opportunity to accomplish the objectives.
rareThe rare opportunity to study abroad is one that should not be passed up.
favorableShe was thrilled when she got a favorable opportunity to work on her passion project.
muchThe company offers employees much opportunity for training.
fullShe was given full opportunity to explain herself.
fairAll students are given fair opportunity to participate in class discussions.
possibleShe found a possible opportunity to travel to Europe.
wonderfulThis is a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.
perfectIt seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce her to my family.
realThis program is a real opportunity to explore trade.
greatestTomorrow has the greatest opportunity
reasonableBoth parties will be provided with reasonable opportunity to resolve any disputes.
fineWe have a fine opportunity to improve our services.
furtherThis further opportunity led to a significant increase in sales.
splendidThe splendid opportunity presented itself to those who were willing to take risks.
idealThe ideal opportunity to share your perspective is now.
convenientThe convenient opportunity allowed me to visit the museum on my way home.
unusualThe unusual opportunity presented itself when the stars aligned and the wind shifted.
suitableShe would be given a suitable opportunity to prove her worth.
abundantThe region offers abundant opportunity for growth and development.
adequateThe company offers employees adequate opportunity to develop their skills.
sufficientThe organization decided to give the employee sufficient opportunity to improve his performance.
limitedHis limited opportunity to travel made him appreciate the world more.
tremendousThis job offers a tremendous opportunity for career growth.
valuableIt was a valuable opportunity to learn more about the company's culture.
unprecedentedThis unprecedented opportunity will only come once in a lifetime.
welcomeThe welcome opportunity to travel the world was too good to pass up.
maximumThis job offers maximum opportunity for growth.
unexpectedAn unexpected opportunity arose, and she didn't hesitate to seize it.
gloriousThis glorious opportunity is one not to be missed.
grandI'm so grateful for this grand opportunity to learn and grow.
unlimitedThe world is full of unlimited opportunity so never give up on your dreams.
exceptionalShe seized the exceptional opportunity to study abroad.
unparalleledThis event offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from industry experts.
historicThe historic opportunity to reduce global emissions and create a more sustainable future is now.
excitingI am looking forward to this exciting opportunity to work with you.
fullestShe seized the fullest opportunity to pursue her goals.
extraordinaryThis extraordinary opportunity will not come again.
fittingThe fitting opportunity came at the perfect time.
slightestThe slightest opportunity would allow him to escape.
preciousWe must seize this precious opportunity to make a difference in the world.
fitThe fit opportunity was presented to her at the annual conference.
admirableThe admirable opportunity presented itself in the most unexpected of ways.
attractiveThe attractive opportunity lured many investors to the stock market.
safeThe safe opportunity has passed, and now it is time to move on.

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