Adjectives for Opposition

Adjectives For Opposition

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing opposition, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The way we describe opposition can significantly alter the perception of the challenge or conflict at hand. Using an adjective like strong or violent may evoke a sense of intense or even physical confrontation, while adjectives such as little or much can imply the extent or degree of resistance faced. When opposition is prefixed with political, it situates the conflict within the realm of policy and governance, altering its nature and perhaps suggesting a more dialogic or strategic form of engagement. Similarly, direct opposition implies a face-to-face or straightforward challenge. Each adjective applied to opposition nuances our understanding of the conflict, shaping our perception and response to it. Dive into the full list of adjectives to explore the diverse ways opposition can be characterized.
strongThey faced strong opposition from the local community.
politicalThe political opposition voiced their concerns about the new policy.
directHis statements put him in direct opposition to his party's platform.
muchDespite much opposition the proposal was eventually passed.
littleThe plan was passed with little opposition
considerableThe proposal faced considerable opposition from the community.
seriousThe serious opposition of the residents caused the mayor to rethink the plans
activeThe motion was met with active opposition from several members.
bitterThe proposal met with bitter opposition from the residents.
openHer open opposition to the policy resulted in her dismissal.
fierceThe plan faced fierce opposition from environmental groups.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary opposition has been very vocal in its criticism of the government's policies.
vigorousThe plan faced vigorous opposition from local residents.
effectiveThe effective opposition forced the government to reconsider its policies.
democraticThe democratic opposition called for a peaceful resolution to the crisis.
conservativeConservative opposition to the bill was swift and strong.
popularThe government's proposal faced popular opposition
internalThe trip was delayed due to internal opposition
domesticThe government's plans faced significant domestic opposition
furtherThere was further opposition to his proposal.
officialThe official opposition criticized the government's new policy.
strenuousHe faced strenuous opposition from his colleagues when he proposed the new plan.
stiffWe encountered stiff opposition from the other camp during the negotiation.
powerfulThe powerful opposition party voiced their concerns about the new legislation.
widespreadThere was widespread opposition to the new policy.
loyalThe party served as a loyal opposition to the ruling faction.
liberalThe liberal opposition has been calling for more social spending.
formidableHer formidable opposition was a force to be reckoned with.
radicalThe radical opposition to the government's policies sparked widespread protests.
intenseThe President faced intense opposition to his tax reform proposal.
vehementThe proposal faced vehement opposition from the community.
fundamentalThe two sides are in fundamental opposition on the issue of climate change.
unitedDespite the united opposition the motion narrowly passed.
republicanThe republican opposition to the bill was overwhelming.
armedThe rebels have formed an armed opposition to the government.
congressionalThe Senate passed the bill with little congressional opposition
strongestThe strongest opposition came from the environmental groups.
sharpThe proposal met with sharp opposition from several members of the board.
potentialThe potential opposition to the new policy is still unknown.
lessThe proposal was met with less opposition than anticipated.
stubbornThe stubborn opposition refused to budge on their stance.
outrightThe candidate faced outright opposition from several of his former supporters.
clearThe clear opposition to the proposal led to its failure.
constantThe constant opposition made it challenging to progress.
vocalThe vocal opposition to the new policy was swift and decisive.
persistentDespite persistent opposition the plan was finally approved.
substantialThe proposal faced substantial opposition from the local community.
continuedThe continued opposition to the plan made it difficult to pass.
firmThe merger plan met with firm opposition from the shareholders.
successfulThe team overcame their challenges and faced successful opposition for the championship.
absoluteThe board of directors expressed absolute opposition to the proposal.
factiousThe factious opposition brought the government to a standstill.
wingThe wing opposition to the government's plans was fierce.
ideologicalThe two parties had a strong ideological opposition on many issues.
overtThe overt opposition to the new policy was met with swift and decisive action.
communistThe communist opposition had gained considerable traction in the country.
uncompromisingThe group faced uncompromising opposition to its plans.
apparentThe apparent opposition between the two parties was only superficial.
mutualThey are in mutual opposition to one another.
systematicThe systematic opposition of the

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