Adjectives for Option

Adjectives For Option

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing option, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the noun 'option' can subtly shift its meaning and impact, highlighting the importance of precision in language. The adjective 'only' suggests exclusivity and limitation, while 'best' conveys superiority and desirability. 'Second' or 'third' can denote ranking and alternatives, implying a hierarchy of choices. 'First' emphasizes primacy and preference, and 'viable' introduces the concept of feasibility. Each adjective paints the 'option' in a different light, affecting the perceived value and suitability of the choices presented. Delve into a comprehensive exploration of adjectives commonly paired with 'option' to master the nuances of descriptive language.
bestThe best option is to wait and see.
secondPlease select the second option
firstI'll take the first option
viableDespite the challenges, remote work has become a viable option for many professionals.
thirdThe third option is usually the best one.
localThe local option election will be held on Tuesday.
attractiveThe attractive option would be to start investigating the problem.
betterIn this case, the blue widget might be a better option
preferredShe chose the preferred option
lastThe last option was to call the police.
latterThe latter option would be more effective.
putI bought a put option yesterday, hoping that the stock price will go down.
nuclearThe president threatened to use the nuclear option to break the filibuster
realisticThe realistic option would be to wait until you have more information.
finalThe final option is always the most difficult one to make.
possibleThis change is a possible option for the organization to improve its efficiency.
militaryThe military option is always on the table.
preferentialThe Church's preferential option for the poor calls for an active commitment to justice and solidarity with the marginalized.
appropriateThe appropriate option would depend on the context.
therapeuticThe newly discovered drug may provide a therapeutic option for patients with rare diseases.
availableThis is a sentence about the available option
expensiveThe expensive option is usually not the best one.
popularThe popular option was winning the game.
feasibleExploring alternative energy sources is a feasible option for reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.
alternativeThe alternative option is much more expensive.
europeanThe European option gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specified price on or before a specified date.
easyThe easy option would be to just give up.
reasonableA reasonable option would be to consider all available resources.
additionalYou have an additional option to choose from.
fourthI've exhausted the first, second, and third options; the fourth option is my last resort.
effectiveThis is an effective option for learning a new language.
practicalConsidering your financial status, opting for a smaller car would be the more practical option
acceptableThat is an acceptable option but not the best one.
lineDid you look at the line option in the menu?
usefulThe option to add comments is a useful option
softWe should reconsider taking the soft option and face the challenge head-on.
desirableThe most desirable option was to take a vacation to Hawaii.
strategicThe team decided to use the strategic option of waiting for a better opportunity.
liveThe live option gives you a chance to interact with the host or audience in real-time.
safeThe safe option is always the best choice.
fundamentalThe fundamental option for all people is freedom.
yearI prefer the year option that starts in September.
termThe term option allows you to specify the duration of the contract.
validConsidering all the factors, it seems like the most valid option
costI chose the low cost option for my trip.
excellentThe cozy cabin was an excellent option for our weekend getaway.
correctThe correct option is the one that best fits the context.
interestingIt was an interesting option
surgicalThe surgical option is the last resort for this patient.
leaseI am interested in the lease option on the property you have listed.
moneyThe company explored the money option to raise funds for expansion.
outsideIn this case, you have an outside option of taking the job with the other company.
cheaperI chose the cheaper option because I didn't want to spend too much money.
cheapestI opted for the cheapest option
valuableThis is a valuable option
sensibleThe sensible option would be to take a taxi.
obviousThe obvious option was to take the train.
safestChoosing the safest option is always best.
easierThe easier option would be to let someone else take the blame.
promisingThe new treatment method seems a promising option after the initial clinical trials.
saferThis method is the safer option as it doesn't require any special permissions.
easiestThe simplest approach is to use the easiest option
legitimateThe most legitimate option would be to simply not use the service.
genuineI will think about it and reply with my genuine option later.
leastThe least option was the most appealing.

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