Adjectives for Oracle

Adjectives For Oracle

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing oracle, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term 'oracle' evokes a sense of mystery and guidance, a window into the unfathomable. When paired with adjectives such as 'delphic', it hints at enigmatic, ambiguous prophecies, while 'divine' elevates its source to godly realms. 'Ancient' conveys a wisdom that has transcended centuries, enduring through the ages. The adjective 'great' amplifies its importance and influence, shaping destinies with its pronouncements. 'Famous' oracles are those whose reputations have surpassed the confines of their time and locale, becoming legends. 'Prophetic', meanwhile, underscores the inherently predictive nature of oracles, foretelling with uncanny accuracy. Each adjective, when intertwined with 'oracle', uncovers layers of meaning, inviting exploration into the depths of interpretation and significance. Discover the full list of adjectives and the rich nuances they bring to the concept of the oracle below.
delphicThe inhabitants of Athens consulted the Delphic oracle before going to war.
divineThe divine oracle spoke in riddles, its words veiled in mystery.
ancientThe ancient oracle predicted a great victory for the king.
greatThe great oracle spoke in riddles, leaving the people perplexed.
propheticThe enigmatic words of the prophetic oracle sent shivers down the spine.
delphianThe delphian oracle was a priestess at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece, and was renowned for her prophecies.
pythianThe Pythian oracle was a priestess who gave prophecies at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.
onlyHe was our only oracle in a perplexing world.
oldThe old oracle was consulted, but its wisdom was drowned out by the storms.
secondThe second oracle predicted that the boy would become a great warrior.
infallibleThe infallible oracle foretold his rise and subsequent downfall.
sacredThe sacred oracle spoke in enigmatic riddles, leaving the people in awe and wonder.
greekThe Greek oracle at Delphi was renowned for its prophecies.
originalThe original oracle of Delphi was a woman who made prophecies.
randomThe random oracle model is a useful tool for analyzing the security of cryptographic protocols.
celebratedThe celebrated oracle delivered a cryptic prophecy to the king.
holyThe holy oracle delivered a cryptic message.
trueThey consulted the true oracle before making any decision.
ambiguousThe ambiguous oracle's response left many people scratching their heads.
thirdThe third oracle is the most difficult to interpret.
priestlyThe priestly oracle divined that the coming of the young king would bring peace to the land.
mysteriousThe mysterious oracle left us with words of caution that we ignored.
thrillingThe thrilling oracle gazed into the future, revealing secrets that would shape the destiny of the world.
heavenlyThe heavenly oracle whispered secrets from the stars.
briefThe brief oracle delivered her cryptic message.
chiefThe chief oracle of the temple predicted doom for the city.
falseThe false oracle gave an enigmatic prophecy.
dynasticThe dynastic oracle was consulted regarding the future of the kingdom.
earlierThe earlier oracle failed to anticipate the current crisis.
literary"We must invoke the literary oracle to interpret this cryptic passage."
inwardHe meditated for years until he could hear his inward oracle telling him the truth.
fourthThe fourth oracle speaks of a great change that will come to the world.
renownedThe renowned oracle gazed into the crystal ball and spoke words that sent shivers down the spine.
inspiredThe inspired oracle gazed upon the crowd with an enigmatic smile.
genuineThe genuine oracle predicted a bright future for the young entrepreneur.
royalLeaders relied upon the profound wisdom of the royal oracle
poeticThe poetic oracle uttered enigmatic verses, foretelling uncertain futures.
innerTrust your inner oracle and let it guide you on the right path.
heathenI have consulted the heathen oracle and he says to beware the Ides of March.
latestThe latest oracle has revealed the future.
paganThe pagan oracle predicted a great victory for our army.
oldestThe oldest oracle was the Oracle of Delphi, which was established in the 8th century BC.
supremeThe supreme oracle foretold the future with uncanny accuracy.
obscureThe obscure oracle spoke in riddles, leaving the listeners bewildered.
soleThe ancient priestess was considered the sole oracle able to relay the messages of the gods.
favorableThe priest obtained a favorable oracle assuring success.
egyptianAn Egyptian oracle foretold the coming of a divine savior.
boardThe ancient board oracle predicted great wealth and prosperity.
famedThe famed oracle foretold the future of the kingdom.
mysticThe mystic oracle gazed into the crystal ball, seeking guidance from the unknown.
familiarThe familiar oracle uttered a cryptic warning.
authenticThe authentic oracle predicted a prosperous future for the kingdom.
earliestThe earliest oracle of Delphi was established in the 8th century BCE on the slopes of Mount Parnassus.

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