Adjectives for Order

Adjectives For Order

Discover the most common adjectives for 'order' used in the English language. From 'social' to 'new', 'first', and 'same', explore how these descriptive words uniquely convey different aspects of order in sentences. Perfect for writers and learners aiming to enhance their vocabulary with precise adjectives for order.

newThe general introduced a new order of doing things.
firstThe court ruled that the first order in the matter was in error.
sameI put the files back in the same order
secondThe equation ax^2 + bx + c = 0 is a second order equation.
goodThe class was in good order
higherThe higher order functions in JavaScript are functions that take other functions as arguments or return functions as their result.
naturalIn the natural order ideas come before words.
oldThe old order is passing away.
highThe polynomial is of high order
publicThey were arrested for disturbing the public order
politicalThe stability of the political order is essential for the well-being of society.
economicRecent statistics show an economic order that is encouraging.
moralThe moral order of society is based on the principles of justice and fairness.
highestThis function has the highest order of complexity.
internationalThere has been a shift in the international order
properThe books are in proper order on the shelf.
thirdThe linear system is of the third order
perfectThe books were arranged in perfect order on the shelf.
legalThe legal order is the totality of rules that regulate a society and are enforceable by the state.
religiousThe religious order has been around for centuries.
lowerThe lower order of operations was executed first.
logicalThe logical order of words in a sentence is important.
regularServe the items in regular order
executiveThe executive order was signed by the President yesterday.
correctThe numbers are in correct order
mailI ordered a new pair of shoes via mail order
divineThe divine order of the universe unfolded before me.
randomHer favorite movies are in random order
temporalThe events in the story are presented in temporal order
cosmicThe ancient sages believed in the cosmic order and the harmony of the universe.
hierarchicalThe committee members were arranged in a hierarchical order
fourthThe fourth order partial differential equation is challenging to solve.
lowestThe lowest order achievable non-zero correction for the Dirac-Coulomb Hamiltonian is O(α^2).
symbolicThe symbolic order is the system of rules and norms that governs social interactions.
numericalThe documents were arranged in strict numerical order
sequentialPlease put your shoes on in sequential order
usualI get my usual order every time I visit the coffee shop.
dueThe documents will be arranged in due order
constitutionalThe constitutional order of the country has been restored after the recent political crisis.
strictThe students were given strict order not to leave the classroom.
tallBuilding a rocket ship from scratch was a tall order
democraticThe democratic order was preserved through a peaceful transition of power.
universalThe universe operates according to a universal order
rangeThe range order of the sample data is from 1 to 10.
globalThe global order is being challenged by rising nationalism and populism.
royalThe royal order was to execute the prisoners at dawn.
definiteThe ingredients were added in definite order
rationalThe world is governed by a rational order
monasticThe monastic order has been in existence for centuries.
subThe sub order of the dinner was late.
exactPlace the items in exact order
partial"Minimal" is a partial order
linearThe elements of a set can be arranged in a linear order
superiorThe suspect confessed to the crime under superior order
liberalThe liberal order is based on the rule of law, democracy, and respect for human rights.
stableThe experimenter used a stable order throughout the testing procedure.
capitalistThe capitalist order with its emphasis on private property and free markets, has led to unprecedented economic growth.

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