Adjectives for Orders

Adjectives For Orders

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing orders, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The right adjectives can profoundly impact the perception of the word 'orders.' 'Religious orders' bring a sense of divine importance, tradition, and discipline, whereas 'lower orders' might highlight a hierarchical structure or a lesser importance. 'Different orders' suggest variety and diversity, while 'several orders' indicate quantity and scale. 'Holy orders' again touch on the sacred and the ordained, whereas 'further orders' imply continuation or additional commands. Each adjective nuances the noun, painting a varied picture of authority, quantity, sanctity, and hierarchy. Explore the full extent of how these descriptors can transform 'orders' into concepts with distinct identities and implications.
religiousI am interested in learning more about religious orders
lowerI have no use for those of lower orders
differentThe restaurant offered dishes from three different orders
severalWe received several orders from our biggest clients.
holyThe priest received holy orders after years of study and preparation.
furtherPlease wait for further orders from the supervisor.
strictHe had strict orders not to speak to anyone.
generalFollow the general orders and don't interfere with the police investigation.
higherWe must explore higher orders of complexity to understand the true nature of the universe.
variousThe team received various orders from the head office.
specialThe restaurant accepts special orders for those with dietary restrictions.
monasticThe monastic orders such as the Benedictines and the Cistercians, played a significant role in preserving and copying ancient manuscripts.
militaryThe knights of the military orders played a key role in the Crusades.
necessary"The captain issued the necessary orders for the ship's departure."
directOur direct orders are to apprehend the suspect.
executiveThe president signed three executive orders on Tuesday.
secretThe general gave secret orders to his troops to prepare for an attack at dawn.
positiveThe captain barked out a series of positive orders
finalThe chef was preparing the final orders
minorI was ordained into minor orders last year.
fraternalMy friends and I often visit the headquarters of fraternal orders
privilegedThe privileged orders sought to maintain their exclusive rights and privileges.
sufiI'm so excited to learn more about sufism and sufi orders
administrativeThe school district issued administrative orders to enforce the new school uniform policy.
peremptoryThe court issued peremptory orders to compel compliance with the injunction.
royalThe king issued royal orders to his subjects.
superiorThe soldier refused to follow superior orders because he believed they were illegal.
verbalThe doctor gave verbal orders to the nurse.
officialThe official orders were received this morning.
distinctGuests could receive traditional Chinese dishes, Western fare, or distinct orders from the imperial kitchen.
postalI sent him some postal orders to cover the expenses.
anglicanThe Episcopal Church in the United States of America is a member of the Anglican Communion and shares the Anglican orders of bishops, priests, and deacons.
freshThe general issued fresh orders to the troops.
unfilledThe company has a backlog of unfilled orders
sealedThe agent received sealed orders to proceed with the mission.
explicitThe commander issued explicit orders to his troops.
definiteThe supervisor gave definite orders to the employees.
physicianThe physician orders were clear and concise.
lowestThe lowest orders of animals are the protozoans.
classicalThe classical orders are the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian.
contradictoryThe coach gave the player contradictory orders leaving him confused.
subShe eats sub orders for lunch.
partialPartial orders are defined as binary relations that capture the idea of one object being greater than or equal to another, with specific mathematical properties.
sacredThe priest was ordained into the sacred orders after many years of study.
protectiveThe court issued protective orders against the stalker.
strictestHe carried out his duty with the strictest orders
imperialThe emperor sent imperial orders to all the provinces.
lawfulLaw enforcement officers are authorized to apprehend individuals who fail to obey lawful orders
urgentThe urgent orders needed to be shipped immediately.
stringentThe captain issued stringent orders to the crew before setting sail.
firmThe company has received 100 firm orders for the new product.

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