Adjectives for Ordinance

Adjectives For Ordinance

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ordinance, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'ordinance' can significantly alter the perception of its authority and origin. A 'new ordinance' implies recent changes or updates, reflecting an evolving legal landscape. 'Local' and 'municipal' adjectives suggest governance close to home, affecting community standards and daily life directly. In contrast, 'divine' and 'royal' adjectives elevate the ordinance to a higher, almost unchallengeable status, rooted in religious or monarchic authority. Each adjective not only describes the ordinance but also hints at its impact, origin, and the level of compliance expected. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring to life the nuances behind 'ordinance' and how they shape our understanding of laws and decrees.
newThe new ordinance prohibits smoking in all public parks.
localThe local ordinance prohibited parking on the street during rush hour.
divineThe divine ordinance forbids the consumption of alcohol during religious ceremonies.
suchThe council passed such ordinance last month.
municipalThe municipal ordinance prohibits the feeding of wildlife in public parks.
royalThe royal ordinance mandated the construction of a new fortress to protect the realm.
holyThe priest performed the holy ordinance of baptism.
principalThe principal ordinance of the city was revised last month.
specialThe special ordinance was created to protect the historical landmarks in the city.
originalThe town's original ordinance was written in the early 1900s.
famousThe famous ordinance was passed by the city council.
sacredBaptism is a sacred ordinance that symbolizes our commitment to follow Jesus Christ.
presentThe present ordinance was passed by the city council last week.
generalThe general ordinance was passed by a unanimous vote.
comprehensiveThe city council passed a comprehensive ordinance regulating the use of electronic cigarettes.
imperialThe imperial ordinance required that all men over the age of 18 serve in the military.
similarThe city council passed a similar ordinance last year.
religiousThe religious ordinance required all members to attend weekly services.
solemnThe solemn ordinance was performed with great reverence and respect.
christianThe Christian ordinance of baptism is a sacrament of the new covenant.
parliamentaryThe introduction of the parliamentary ordinance would allow the government to streamline the process of passing legislation.
civilThe city council passed a civil ordinance to regulate noise levels in residential areas.
celebratedThe celebrated ordinance was unanimously passed by the city council.
frenchThe french ordinance established a system of government based on the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity.
ancientThe ancient ordinance of the city required all citizens to participate in the town watch.
selfdenyingThe city council passed a selfdenying ordinance prohibiting its members from holding any other public office.
presidentialThe President issued a presidential ordinance to address the crisis.
aboveThe building is not in compliance with the above ordinance
valid"Repairing old devices isn't a valid ordinance."
legalThe new legal ordinance requires all businesses to post their health inspection scores prominently.
formerThe former ordinance was struck down by the court.
gayThe city's gay ordinance prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.
operativeThe operative ordinance was passed by the city council last week.
fairWe come together under the banner of justice, demanding a fair ordinance that protects the rights of all.
earlierIt was consistent with an earlier ordinance furthermore.
perpetualThe perpetual ordinance was designed to ensure that the land would always be used for agricultural purposes.
outwardThe outward ordinance is a public and visible expression of an inward and spiritual grace.
ecclesiasticalThe ecclesiastical ordinance prohibited the clergy from engaging in secular activities.
subsequentThe subsequent ordinance was passed after much debate.
mereThe mere ordinance of local government could not overturn the dictates of common justice.
restrictiveThe restrictive ordinance prohibited the construction of new buildings in the historic district.
blessedThe blessed ordinance was a sacred bond between the two families.
historicThe mayor signed a historic ordinance that will protect the city's historic buildings.
calledThe called ordinance was passed unanimously.
initiatoryThe initiatory ordinance was conducted with great solemnity.
typicalThe typical ordinance mandates that all buildings have a fire escape.
temporaryThe temporary ordinance was passed to address the immediate need for additional parking in the downtown area.
smokeThe smoke ordinance prohibits smoking in all public places.
wiseThe city's wise ordinance ensures that all residents have access to affordable housing
colonialThe colonial ordinance mandated the separation of the races in public places.
unexplodedThe unexploded ordinance was discovered during a routine excavation.
rabbinicThis rabbinic ordinance prohibited the use of certain foods.
gospelThe gospel ordinance of baptism is a sacred covenant between God and the individual.
interimThe interim ordinance was passed quickly to address the immediate issue.
strictThe strict ordinance prohibited skateboarding in the park.
criminalThe city council passed a new criminal ordinance that increased penalties for public intoxication.
residentialIn order to maintain the neighborhood's character, the city council passed a residential ordinance

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