Adjectives for Org

Adjectives For Org

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing org, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an org can dramatically alter the perception of its purpose, size, or functionality. For instance, a public org opens the door to wide community engagement, while a new org might be on the cutting edge of innovation, inviting curiosity and exploration. The term eclipse suggests a transformative phase or a major shift in direction or capability. Meanwhile, describing an org as static could imply stability or, conversely, a lack of development and adaptation. Final often denotes a conclusive phase or ultimate achievement. Each adjective weaves a unique narrative thread, influencing how the org is viewed. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives to truly capture the essence of any org.
publicI reached out to the public org for help with my taxes.
newI am a new org member.
eclipseEclipse org is a software foundation working on open source technologies.
staticI am a static org that provides support for a variety of applications.
finalThe final org meeting of the year was held last week.
profitThe profit org released its quarterly report.
uddiThe UDDI organization provides a framework for describing, publishing, and discovering Web services.
performingThe performing org was a success.
privateI would like to work for a private org that makes a difference in the world.
regionalThe regional org is responsible for coordinating disaster relief efforts.
multiMulti org allows for separate billing and management of different organizations within a single Google Cloud Platform account.
abstractThe abstract org is a non-profit organization that provides support to artists.
nonprofitThe nonprofit org has been providing essential services to the community for over 20 years.
criticalThe critical org is responsible for ensuring that the project is successful.
socThe soc org is a great place to meet new people and get involved in campus activities.
loggerI saw a logger org on the side of the road.
trueThe true org is behind the scenes.
foreignThe foreign org was suspected of espionage.
commercialI have worked in a commercial org for 5 years.
organicThe organic org was made from sustainable materials.
objectYour message on the message board is a great object org
offI'm not sure what you mean by 'off org'.
professionalThe professional org is dedicated to supporting its members.
standardOur support team will assist you shortly if you contact us at standard org
militaryThe military org was responsible for the security of the country.
internalThe internal org was reshuffled to improve efficiency.
independentThe independent org supported the new policy changes.
hierarchyThe hierarchy org chart can be shared with employees to view roles.
commThe comm org is responsible for ensuring that the organization's communications are effective and efficient.
researchThe research org is conducting a study on the effects of climate change on the environment.
formerI used to work for a former org that was acquired.
worldI am a member of the world org
keyWith the key org we were able to identify the root cause of the problem.
operativeThe operative org infiltrated the target organization undetected.
aquaticHe studies aquatic organisms for his PhD research.
integratedThis integrated org has been working on this project for years.
upnpI can't find the definition of the term 'upnp org' in my knowledge base.
ordinatingThe coordinating org will be announced soon.
culturalThe cultural org focuses on supporting community arts organizations.
educationalThe educational org announced the new program yesterday.
netGoogle's net org created the Internet Archive
superordinateThe superordinate org is responsible for the overall functioning of the organization.
retrospectiveThe management team will conduct a retrospective org to review the success of its new product launch.
ownedThe user is the owned org of the project.
continuedThe continued org will provide support for the project.
listenerThe organization that receives the data or message is called a listener org
migratoryThe migratory org has been flying south lately.
dissolvedThe dissolved org was filtered through a 0.22 um filter.
democraticThe new democratic org aims to promote equality and justice for all.
formalI have been working at the formal org for 5 years now.
unsettable"Work has been in progress at the unsettable org Smoothing Rocks since July."
60-62There are 60-62 organizations participating in the program this year.
smalThe smal org has only three employees.
spaceThe space org is responsible for developing and operating the United States space program.
tibleThe tible org is a very important part of the company.
inportThe inport org command can be used to import organizations from a file.
variableVariable organizations are subject to regular performance reviews based on various internal and external factors.
globusExplore the science of global change with Globus org
mdstI hope you get the mdst org that you need.
streamableStreamable org is a cloud-based video streaming service.
component"Facilities & Equipment" is a standard component org for a profit and loss (P&L) statement
looseHe is a member of that loose org
falseThe false org was quickly discovered.
genericI applied for a job at generic org
tightThe tight org quickly adapted to the changing environment.

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