Adjectives for Organisation

Adjectives For Organisation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing organisation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an organisation can significantly impact the perception of its purpose, scope, and function. A social organisation implies a focus on community and relationships, while a political one suggests involvement in governance or policy-making. An international organisation transcends national borders, aiming for global impact, whereas a military organisation speaks to defense and armed forces. The term economic highlights financial aspects, and national denotes an entity operating within a country's bounds. Each adjective paints a unique picture, reflecting the diverse roles and emphases within the vast world of organisations. For a deeper dive into how adjectives shape our understanding of organisations, explore the full list below.
socialThe social organisation of the ants is very interesting.
politicalHe was regarded as a member of the moderate wing of the political organisation
internationalThe international organisation met to discuss the global issues.
militaryThe military organisation was very strict with its rules.
economicThe economic organisation of society is a complex and ever-changing system.
nationalThe national organisation has a wide range of activities and programs.
internalThe internal organisation of the company was impeccable.
industrialThe industrial organisation of the region has been significantly affected by the recent economic downturn.
wholeThe whole organisation was thrown into chaos by the sudden announcement.
centralThe central organisation is responsible for coordinating the activities of the various branches.
localThe local organisation is responsible for providing support to the community.
voluntaryThe voluntary organisation is dedicated to helping the less fortunate.
formalThe formal organisation of the company was structured around a hierarchical management system.
spatialThe spatial organisation of the office was designed to foster collaboration and efficiency.
administrativeThe administrative organisation of the company was very complex.
independentShe is now a member of an independent organisation of private institutes.
effectiveEffective organisation is crucial for achieving project goals efficiently.
regionalThe regional organisation is responsible for promoting economic cooperation and development in the region.
religiousThe religious organisation was very influential in the community.
separateEach organisation has a separate organisation type.
efficientThe efficient organisation of the office allowed for a seamless workflow.
governmentalThe World Bank is a governmental organisation that provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries.
secretThe secret organisation held a clandestine meeting in the dead of night.
hierarchicalSome hierarchical organisations hold annual general meetings.
betterBetter organisation is key to success.
entireThe entire organisation was aware of the situation.
complexThe complex organisation of the human body is a testament to the wonders of nature.
professionalI joined a professional organisation to network with other professionals in my field.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary organisation had a profound impact on the course of history.
ecclesiasticalThe ecclesiastical organisation of the church is complex and hierarchical.
tribalThe tribe's social and political structure is based on a complex system of tribal organisation
properProper organisation is essential for efficient operation.
commercialThe commercial organisation was successful in achieving its goals.
permanentThe permanent organisation is actively involved in the development of the local community.
selfThe self organisation of the cell is a fascinating process.
profitThe profit organisation has been contributing to the local community.
operativeThe operative organisation was responsible for carrying out the mission.
functionalThe functional organisation of the nervous system is a hierarchical arrangement.
collectiveThe collective organisation worked together to achieve their goals.
structuralThe assembly of the protein is mirrored by its structural organisation
basedWe are a based organisation that helps people in need.
communalThe communal organisation's well-coordinated efforts were pivotal in providing essential services to the disaster-stricken community.
largestThe UN is the largest organisation of its kind.
bureaucraticThe bureaucratic organisation was slow and inefficient in its decision-making.
communistThe communist organisation was responsible for the uprising.
undergroundThe spy was part of an underground organisation based in the UK.
territorialThe programme supports the development of territorial organisation and its functioning in the sub-prefectures of the region.
officialThe official organisation released a statement regarding the incident.
vastThe vast organisation has many employees.
centralisedThe centralised organisation made decisions and implemented them effectively.
elaborateThe palace was a masterpiece of elaborate organisation with each room flowing seamlessly into the next.
autonomousThe autonomous organisation was able to operate independently without human intervention.
corporateThe newly formed corporate organisation will be responsible for managing the company's financial affairs.
overallWe checked the overall organisation of the companies.
informalThe informal organisation is often just as important as the formal organisation.
charitableThe charitable organisation helps the needy.
nervousThe nervous organisation of the animal is very simple.

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