Adjectives for Organisations

Adjectives For Organisations

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing organisations, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe organisations can significantly impact the perception of your message. Whether highlighting the scale as in many organisations, the scope with international organisations, the nature as in voluntary organisations, or the authority through governmental organisations, each term paints a distinct picture. The nuances introduced by these adjectives delve into the intricate facets of operations, governance, and purpose, shaping our understanding and discussions around them. Such careful selection can underscore the diversity and specificity within the realm of organizations, revealing their unique contributions and challenges. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that bring these entities to life in our comprehensive list below.
otherWe work with other organisations to help people in need.
internationalInternational organisations play a pivotal role in fostering global cooperation and addressing transnational challenges.
voluntaryThe contribution of voluntary organisations to the social welfare of the community is significant.
manyMany organisations are committed to improving the lives of people with disabilities.
governmentalThe United Nations is one of the largest governmental organisations in the world.
variousVarious organisations have been working tirelessly to provide aid to the victims of the disaster.
politicalThe government is working with political organisations to address the issue.
localWe worked in partnership with local organisations to deliver the project.
socialSocial organisations help marginalized communities gain access to essential resources.
publicPublic organisations are often accountable to the public for their actions.
largeLarge organisations often have complex structures.
nationalSome national organisations and non-governmental organisations send out teams to check the situation of the refugees.
privatePrivate organisations have been playing a significant role in the development of the country.
religiousReligious organisations have played a significant role in shaping the history and culture of many societies.
professionalI have discovered many professional organisations that continue to help me grow and learn.
regionalInternational relations involve a wide array of players, including states, international organizations, and regional organisations
mostMost organisations require employees to dress professionally.
civilNumerous civil organisations are working to protect the environment.
commercialCommercial organisations have a responsibility to protect the privacy of their customers.
profitProfit organisations are primarily driven by the pursuit of financial gain and maximising shareholder value.
industrialThe increasing influence of multinational industrial organisations is mainly due to their global market presence.
basedMany based organisations have helped to improve the lives of people around the world.
largerLarger organisations often have more resources and a greater variety of activities.
charitableMany charitable organisations benefit from private donations.
environmentalEnvironmental organisations are dedicated to preserving the planet's ecosystems and natural resources.
formalFormal organisations are structured groups of people who work together to achieve specific goals.
independentIndependent organisations worked to improve the lives of people in the local area.
culturalCultural organisations are committed to preserving and promoting the heritage of our communities.
operativeThe operative organisations are responsible for carrying out the plan.
separateThe separate organisations remained independent of each other.
nongovernmentalMany nongovernmental organisations are working to provide aid to the refugees.
democraticDemocratic organisations are essential for a healthy and functioning society.
relevantI spoke to the relevant organisations about their work.
communalThe community centre hosts numerous communal organisations
educationalThese resources were provided in partnership with collaborating educational organisations in the county.
revolutionaryRevolutionary organisations are usually founded on the principles of radical social change.
officialThe event was supported by several official organisations including the United Nations and the World Health Organization.
smallerSmaller organisations require less resources and can be more agile.
complexComplex organisations have a hierarchical structure with multiple layers of management.
numerousNumerous organisations collaborated to complete the project.
criminalThe police are investigating the activities of several criminal organisations
intergovernmentalIntergovernmental organisations are organisations established by agreement between governments.
classClass organisations are a great way to meet new people and learn new skills.
cooperativeCooperative organisations thrive when members work together to achieve common goals.
affiliatedThe company has partnered with numerous affiliated organisations
representativeLocal representative organisations were freely able to operate.
respectiveEach of the delegates represented their respective organisations respectfully.
autonomousAutonomous organisations are self-governing, self-regulating entities that operate independently of external control or influence.
civicLocal civic organisations are working to improve the community.
indigenousSome indigenous organisations are working to protect their traditional lands from mining and other industrial development.
multilateralMultilateral organisations cooperate in order to address global challenges.
humanitarianHumanitarian organisations provide essential services to vulnerable populations in need.
sovietThe Soviet Union had a number of soviet organisations
islamicIslamic organisations help people to connect with their community and learn about their religion.
socialistThe government has been working with various socialist organisations to address the needs of the poor.
paramilitarySecurity forces in the country have been cracking down on paramilitary organisations operating in the rural areas.
outsideWe welcome outside organisations to assist us in our mission.
secretThere are many secret organisations operating in the shadows, working to further their own agendas.

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