Adjectives for Organizing

Adjectives For Organizing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing organizing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The art of organizing is nuanced by the adjectives that qualify it, each bringing its own shade of meaning and intention. A self-organizing system evokes images of autonomy and internal regulation, whereas political organizing unfolds in the realm of activism and collective movement. Based organizing suggests a foundational principle, guiding the organization's ethos, while local organizing emphasizes community-centric efforts. The term feminist organizing champions gender equality, and microtubule organizing, a term from cellular biology, hints at the intricate dance of life at the microscopic level. Each adjective opens a window into the diverse world of organizing, suggesting a myriad of purposes and approaches. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that color our understanding of organizing below.
selfThe self organizing system adapts to changing conditions.
political"Political organizing" is a process of building power by bringing people together to work for change.
localThe organization was in charge of the local organizing of the event.
feministThe feminist organizing collective met at the local community center.
microtubuleMicrotubule organizing centers are found in the cytoplasm of cells.
effectiveEffective organizing is key to a successful and efficient life.
successfulSuccessful organizing can streamline processes and maximize efficiency.
unionUnion organizing could improve worker conditions and increase worker wages.
independentThe independent organizing body will be responsible for all aspects of the event.
popularPopular organizing is essential for community empowerment.
collectiveCollective organizing efforts are essential for social change.
gayThe gay organizing was a huge success, with thousands of people marching for LGBTQ+ rights.
radicalRadical organizing is a form of social movement organizing that seeks to challenge and change the root causes of social inequality.
transnationalTransnational organizing has emerged as a critical strategy for addressing global challenges.
busyShe was busy organizing the documents.
interracialInterracial organizing is essential for building a just and equitable society.
ruralThe organization's extensive work in rural organizing has helped to empower local communities.
initialThe initial organizing of the project was a daunting task.
formalThe team is responsible for the formal organizing of the project.
traditionalThe traditional organizing style includes categories like work, school, and home.
separateThey prefer to keep their separate organizing habits.
industrialHe served for 25 years as the union's international vice president for industrial organizing
virtualVirtual organizing declutters your space and streamlines your workflow.
indigenousThe indigenous organizing group is demanding justice for their people.
ledMs. Stevens led organizing the effort to distribute food to the community.
nucleolarThe amplified rDNA is visualised as enhanced nucleolar organizing regions in interphase cells.
democraticDemocratic organizing is the process of bringing people together to build power and create change in their communities.
autonomousThe autonomous organizing feature allowed the team to work more efficiently without the need for micromanagement.
laborLabor organizing is the process of forming and joining a union to collectively bargain with employers over wages, benefits, and working conditions.
nucleolusThe nucleolus organizing region (NOR) is the site of transcription of ribosomal RNA (rRNA).
aggressiveWe are engaged in aggressive organizing in order to increase the number of union members.
progressiveShe was looking for professional progressive organizing help for her office.
dyadicThe dyadic organizing structure allows for the efficient exchange of information between two parties.
grassrootsGrassroots organizing is a powerful tool for social change.
ethnicEthnic organizing also known as identity politics, is a form of political organization in which people of a particular ethnic group come together to advance their shared interests.
urbanUrban organizing is the process of improving the quality of life in urban areas through community organizing and development.
multiracialThe multiracial organizing initiative generated considerable interest.
intensiveWe spent the whole day in intensive organizing of the office.
communistTrevor Loudon is skeptical of communist organizing in the United States.
carefulPrior careful organizing will save you time later.
contemporaryContemporary organizing makes use of modern tools and technologies to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals more efficiently.
globalThe company's global organizing allows it to reach customers in multiple countries.
electoralWe are in a new era of electoral organizing
civicThe non-profit works to train, organize, and inform people who want to be involved with civic organizing
scaleThe product team implemented a scale organizing system using popularity metrics.
multiculturalMulticultural organizing is a model that focuses on building connections and coalitions among diverse communities.
regionalThe regional organizing committee is working hard to ensure the success of the conference.
classThe class organizing the field trip is collecting money for the tickets.
styleShe has her own unique style organizing her wardrobe.
dayI spent the morning day organizing my closet.
revolutionaryRevolutionary organizing is the process of mobilizing people from diverse backgrounds to work together for radical social and economic change.
intenseThe intense organizing of the office helped increase productivity.
clandestineThe clandestine organizing of the resistance movement was crucial to its eventual success.
statusAs he moved into the role of vice president, his status organizing started to change dramatically.
timeShe likes time organizing

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